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The astrology of Tucker Carlson

The base chart There are few figures in the American media market as polarizing as Tucker Carlson. His brand of “anchor man” plays very well into the politics of fear and division that has been a hallmark of FOX News of which he was a central part for the last 6 years. During that time […]

Into the Mystic Mercury Retrograde in Pisces

Mercury retrograde, like all retrograde periods has a tonality to it. That tonality is given context and shape by the sign the planet is retrograding in. This Mercury retrograde which extends from March 5th to March 28th will occur in the mystic sign, Pisces. Pisces is the final sign of the Zodiac and marked by […]

Blame it on Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde is upon us again. It started late in the eve on the 16th and will last until Dec. 6th. Mercury retrograde is seasonal. It comes three times a year, providing us with a ready excuse to blame the universe for all our ills. Like the rhythm of water falling on stone in a […]

Volkswagen, Your time has come.

Volkswagen, you deceptive tool of a car company, poisoning the atmosphere, killing humans with your gas, your charade has come to an end. It is interesting to me, how this fits together astrologically. I mean really, it makes perfect sense based on the motion of the stars and planets right now. Come with me on […]

Don’t Panic, its only Mercury Retrograde again.

It turns out that Mercury is going retrograde again, as it does two to three times a year. Now as you undoubtedly know if you have found your way to these words, Mercury Retrograde is time of confusion, mayhem, and chaos in the areas ruled by Mercury. As a quick recap this is travel, mercantilism, […]

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo.

On Friday Aug. 19th, 2010 Mercury is going retrograde in Virgo. Mercury likes Virgo…Mercury really likes Virgo, so here, retrograde motion is not to bad. Virgo is in a psychological sense about healing, nurturing, feeding, and refining. It rules the intestines, the organ of digestion. It also rules the art of analyzing. So as is […]

Mercury is Retrograde Again

Hah, Mercury has gone retrograde again. Usually this is met with quite a good deal of misery. Everyone runs around hollering about broken computers, broken down cars, crashing airplanes and everything else that can and does go wrong concerning business, contracts, travel, and electronics. It is actually a time of great joy, because we are […]