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volkswagen in space

Volkswagen, you deceptive tool of a car company, poisoning the atmosphere, killing humans with your gas, your charade has come to an end. It is interesting to me, how this fits together astrologically. I mean really, it makes perfect sense based on the motion of the stars and planets right now. Come with me on a journey through the looking glass of astrology as we go down the ethical vomit road Volkswagan has been driving on the last week.

The Set Up:

Character one: Jupiter opposed Neptune:
We get this once a year. No big deal. Jupiter is idealism, the truth, justice, and gas. Neptune is the hidden, the deceptive, the illusionary, and gas. Volkswagen was hiding gas emissions. Sure, it has been doing so for years, perhaps decades. But we just had the Jupiter Neptune opposition at 7 degrees Pisces and 7 degrees Virgo, and the truth about the gas just came out.  It was exact on September 17th. Guess what day the Obama administration ordered a recall of Volkswagen vehicles thought to have violated testing protocols. September 18th. You would have to be a hardened critic of astrology to argue against the synchronicity of that one. Neptune is in Pisces, Jupiter is in Virgo. Virgo likes discovering the details of the matter, here it discovered the details of Neptune’s gaseous deception.

Character two: Saturn enters Sagittarius:
The key word for Saturn, and I really mean the key word, is…the TRUTH. Saturn is the truth, it is the end of deception, and dreams. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. It would be controversial to say that planets can send their energies through signs back to the original planet. Such as Saturn in Sagittarius, making Jupiter speak the truth. Bernadette Brady said in her life she found that only true of the nodes, that a planet transiting a nodal point, can effect the planet that rules that node. But here we are, and Saturn has forced the truth out of this Jupiter Neptune situation. More over, Austin Coppock has been suggesting that vehicles are ruled by Sagittarius. I am to lazy to cite that, but look it up if you care. I would further assert that if the doctrine of reception is at all viable, then there is a communication between the signs and the planets. The idea being here, that Saturn is forcing Volkswagen to come to terms with its use of deceptive gas technology.

Character three: Mercury goes retrograde in Libra, the sign of truth and justice. Ok, so Mercury, who also rules travel, goes retrograde, and we find out  Volkswagen has been not so straight forward about the truth of its vehicles. We look back and see that it is so since 2008. Mercury has taken Volkswagen  back to re-analyze its approach to vehicles, the consumer, and what it is as a company. What Volkswagen was doing was programming the computer (Mercury) brain of their automobiles to recognize when the car was being emission tested, and then telling the car to adjust the way it burned fuel. This was allowing for the automobile to get away with emitting up to 40 times the allowable amount of nitrogen oxide into the air during non test driving.

Why now? Volkswagen has been doing this for at least 7 years according to common documented reports. Why Volkswagen and why now as the question goes. Volkswagen’s natal chart (the company was founded May 28th 1937 in Berlin Germany at the wish of Adolf Hitler, another famous gasser.) has its Sun at 6 degrees Gemini. The opposition between Jupiter and Neptune occurred at 7 degrees Gemini. Any transit occurrence with in one degree of a Natal placement is going to have significant implications for the natal sign. Whenever we have significant transits in the sky, there is always an event that describes it well.

volkswagen and the gas scandal

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