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Dorje is a professional astrologer who offers a variety of services to personal clients. His method of reading the chart is a blend of classical techniques and modern interpretations. For 20 years he has been reading charts professionally using traditional astrology techniques learned from experience and studying courses from such luminaries as Robert Zoller, Robert Hand, Bernadette Brady, Joseph Crane, he even did Chris Brennans excellent course, although he never finished it.

He also incorporates personal insight gained in over 30 years of personal experience as a practicing Vajrayana Buddhist into his consultations. He studied intimately with the Tibetan Buddhist Masters Chagdud Tulku, Lama Drimed Norbu, Jigme Tromge Rinpoche, and Lama Pema Dorje Rinpoche.

Dorje’s method of astrology is based upon traditional approaches, the roots of which stretch back to the Greek, Babylonian, and Egyptian astrological worlds. This honors the continual living recorded tradition that stretches over three millennium of humanities dialogue with the living universe . This classical approach to reading the astrological chart includes many methods, such as the firdaria, solar return, progressed chart, directed chart, time lords and transits to understand how planetary energies dynamically play in the myth of life.

Good astrology is based on the unity of philosophy and meditation.

When these are applied with proper technique, astrology is a tool to help you live your best life.

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Time weaves its lines for all of us, all according to destiny.

I was born in the mountains of New Mexico. Raised in the Pacific Northwest, and now life in Portland Oregon with my family. The journey of life has filled my heart with richness.

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Your Mythology
When all of these aspects are combined, his method of reading charts is accurate and exact in terms of addressing life dilemmas, and insightful in showing avenues of personal growth. What arises is your beautiful story. The story the planets and stars bring to your unique mythic journey. The goal is to take astrology out of the realm of vague predictions and pop psychology and bring them to the heart essence of your soul and life path.

Initial astrology consultations are a 90 minute session for $200. Follow on predictive readings and yearly appointments then are 60 minute sessions can be given for $150. At the session you will receive a copy of your birthchart, a natal report as well as a transit report for the year.

Another optional reading style is a Chinese astrological readings known as “Four pillars” astrology, which is based on the interaction of the five elements, yin and yang energies, and the twelve celestial animal signs of the Chinese metaphysical system. Using this method, we will look at how the five elements were interacting at the exact moment of birth, and how they continue to interact through one’s life. Through the “Four Pillars” birth chart, we are able to look at the life to date or into the future, in relation to the “luck pillars”. In addition he has been trained in the Zi Wei Do Shu “emperor star” method. This method is particularly helpful in conjunction with classical Feng Shui readings.

Feng Shui Practice

Morbi lobortis netus ac eget at montes.

Feng Shui is the art of appropriately harnessing energies in space. 

Dorje has practiced element and land form based yang house Feng Shui for 24 years. A Feng Shui consultation is, and has advanced certification through the American Feng Shui Institute. Feng Shui readings are performed on your land and in your home and address issues concerning wealth, health, career, and family relations. Consultations come with recommendations for the placing of elements in various locations, and where to locate water features to simulate wealth.

Feng shui consultations

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