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There are few figures in the American media market as polarizing as Tucker Carlson. His brand of “anchor man” plays very well into the politics of fear and division that has been a hallmark of FOX News of which he was a central part for the last 6 years. During that time he wholeheartedly embraced the MAGA establishment’s white identity politics and grievances on both a national and international scale. That run, saw him become the highest paid news anchor in the world at the time of his firing (35 million per year).

Let us take a look at Tucker from a western tropical zodiac perspective as well as what his astrology was today that has him losing his cherry gig at Fox News. Here is his natal chart. (It has been given a double AA by Rodham or somebody, it was collected by a gentleman named Viktor.)

First, he is a new moon Taurus day time chart. This gives Venus a big say in how his life plays out, as both of his luminaries, the Sun ruling his spirit and the Moon ruling his embodiment. His Sun and Moon are opposed Neptune in Mars in the 5th. Ok. He is

  1. A Hedonist.
  2. Delusional
  3. Maybe into spiritually far-out stuff which would be a cool way to remedy A and B.

But let’s say he is a hedonist who sees material wealth as the be-all and end-all of his human Taurus experience and he is “delusional and capable of creating delusion.” Well, that would not be good for the rest of us if he were to have the strength in his chart to gain power.

Does he have a compelling drive to become powerful? Yes, he does. He is a Bob the builder type with an angular Venus ruled by Mars who Trines that Venus from the 6th. The 10th and the 6th rule profession, so he will work hard, schmooze hard, and strive with effort to become successful in his career. And he did.

Looking at him, there is no doubt that he has the qualities of a Cancer rising with his roundish face and big eyes. New Moon in Taurus ruled by a Venus in Aries, of course, he likes using Infrared on his balls! It is not a sales gimmick.

A whole new level of Illusion

The Actor

Ok. So he seems like your average 50 year old rich white male protestant Christian dude. So, astrologer, why is he such a divisive figure? Look into your Crystal ball and tell me that. Well, he did take Fox New’s white identity grievance politics to a whole new level, surpassing Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck for the throne. How did he do it?

His Mars is opposed by Mercury in Gemini in the 12th. Mars divides by nature. It is like a sword where it falls in the astrology chart, and for him, Mars commands his profession as it rules his 10th. Mars is in turn ruled by Jupiter in the 3rd. The nature of Sagittarius is to expand, so we have expansive division as a profession ruled by (final depositor of Mars and Jupiter) Mercury in the 12th. We have divisive speech (Mars opp Mercury) coupled with expansive deception and capacity for conspiracy (12th) ruling his Midheaven which seeks to express itself creatively through Venus in the 10th. But his creativity is colored by Neptune in the 5th as well as Mars ruling the 5th, so it is a divisive conspiracy-riddled creativity. Perfect for FOX News as it was able to tap into the delusional firestorm set off by Trump.

I would not say Tucker Carlson is a master hypnotist like DJT, his chart does not give him that power, but it does give him the power to make up divisive speech and put it out in public as a profession, which is exactly what he did.

Ah, but how did he fall from the grace of Rupert Murdoch and become the Under the Bus boy for embarrassing Dominion Voting Machine libel lawsuit that the deceptive entertainment opinion channel FOX News just lost?

The Eclipse

It all wraps into the last Solar Eclipse. It was square Tucker Carlson’s Part of Fortune, which in a chart is given substance, talents by which we earn our keep and living. The eclipse, as eclipses do, has severed him from his former living. This eclipse cycle is 7 Saros North and when it started Pluto was opposed the Midpoint of Venus and Mars. As it struck Carlson’s chart his 4th and 5th house ruled by Libra and Scorpio were activated as well as his 10th and 11th house of Taurus and Aries. So the eclipses ended a career, a community, a form of his creativity, and his relations with the “Fox family”. Striking! To say the least. They manifested when the Sun and North Node conjuncted his Saturn ruler of his 7th of contracts and his 8th, other people’s money. Not only that but Mercury and Mars formed a Yod to his natal Mars sitting in his 6th house of routine, thus severing him from his workplace.  

Thus with a thunderous roar, his past actions caught up with him, and a man who seemed invincible on his throne of propaganda came falling down.

Poor Tucker, it was written in the stars.

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  1. Does his chart reflect his ascension into a much larger Twitter audience and even greater career exposure…..how could you miss that?


    1. It does, also he is now looking at starting his own media network. I believe the greatest symbol of this is Mercury progressing into his 1st house starting in 2022. Thus he gains control of his own brand, vs serving someone else’s (FOX) brand.

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