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Hah, Mercury has gone retrograde again. Usually this is met with quite a good deal of misery. Everyone runs around hollering about broken computers, broken down cars, crashing airplanes and everything else that can and does go wrong concerning business, contracts, travel, and electronics. It is actually a time of great joy, because we are given something to blame the struggles of our modern life on. “It is Mercury Retrograde” we can shout from our cubicles and feel no remorse about the disasters that are falling down upon us, like fire and brimstone from the planetary gods above.

But, that is not the best use of Mercury Retrograde. The best use, or…should I say, my personal favorite use, is to go back and pick up projects that have dropped off my radar. This is the astrologers trick for Mercury retrograde…any thing that has to do with a RE- is ok. So restart your projects, buy a refurbished computer, repair your car and get in good with Mercury.  He is quite happy to help you, if your willing to play along with his wily tricks. Mercury will be retrograde until the 11th of May 2010.


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  1. So it is really about picking up the slack, fiinishing projects, tying up loose ends… I like to think that Mercury retrograde just likes to meddle in unfinished business, is that right?

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