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On Friday Aug. 19th, 2010 Mercury is going retrograde in Virgo. Mercury likes Virgo…Mercury really likes Virgo, so here, retrograde motion is not to bad. Virgo is in a psychological sense about healing, nurturing, feeding, and refining. It rules the intestines, the organ of digestion. It also rules the art of analyzing. So as is usual with Mercury Retrograde we should be taking a second look at these things.

It is said that contracts are often dysfunctional, electronics that are bought during Mercury Retrograde fail, or Automobiles, airplanes, mechanical transportation vehicles fail. Why is this said? It is that Mercury rules negotiations, going from here to there swiftly, electricity, sales, communications. Everything under this influence is effected in a Mercury Retrograde period, but does it mean they stop working or don’t. Of course not, you are looking at your computer right now. One astrologer friend worked at a computer/ software help center. His own private research suggested that repair/ help requests went up around 10 % during Mercury Retrograde. This is not that much, but a noticeable effect on computers.

I tend to always buy my computers on Mercury Retrograde, and …they work fine. I also tend to always do repair work on my car during Mercury Rx. I do it on purpose, I plan it as a way of honoring Mercury. Hey, if Mercury is asking for a little attention, perhaps we should give him some, that is how I think about it.

Retrograde means not going to go with the flow. That is how this all comes about, that is why they say travel plans don’t go well, but does that mean don’t go, not at all, sometimes, not going with the flow is the greatest adventure one can have. Sometimes miscommunication becomes the communication that was needed to get out of a rut!

One friend of mine has been planning to move for a month to Florida now, she canceled the whole thing yesterday (she is highly Gemini, and thus very influenced by Mercury) Canceled the Movers, canceled the apt. she was moving into, everything. That is Mercury Rx, just revisiting the whole damn move. She says she will be happier. You see …benifits to Mercury Retrograde! Because you get to rethink a few things, and you might even Rethink them for the better.

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Here he is, better pay attention to him when he is Retrograde

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