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Mercury retrograde, like all retrograde periods has a tonality to it. That tonality is given context and shape by the sign the planet is retrograding in. This Mercury retrograde which extends from March 5th to March 28th will occur in the mystic sign, Pisces. Pisces is the final sign of the Zodiac and marked by its boundary free nature. Pisces is ruled by Jupiter which seeks to expand. Pisces is a water sign, so the expansion is wet, emotional, and dream like.

Pisces has an association with mystics. Jupiter has an association with philosophy and religion. Boundary less philosophy and religion is a quality of mystics. Because the water element has sway over dreams and the subconscious Pisces is rich with the quality of intuition and dream like knowing.

Right now Neptune, which is a planet that can send dream signs, is in Pisces. Pay attention to your dreams when the Moon aspects Neptune. Neptune or Pisces are commonly found prominent in people who are irresistibly and perhaps even irritatingly mystical and intuitive.

This Mercury retrograde will conjunct Neptune for a 2nd and 3rd time as it travels through the sky. It will also spend its entire retrograde journey in Pisces. That makes this a mystical retrograde.

There is all the usual Mercury retrograde stuff, which a reader of this blog should be aware of, as would any student of astrology. You know, becareful of misunderstandings, look over contracts extra well before signing them, allow for extra time in your travel plans etc.

As that is being commented on ad hominem by the Astrological blog literati right now, I would like to suggest a certain type of benefit to this Mystic Mercury Retrograde. This is a great Mercury retrograde for kick starting your spiritual life. Pay more attention to your dreams over the next three weeks. Enhance your yoga or meditation routine, or start one for that matter. Pray to spiritual teachers or beings of the past and present for clarity and guidance. Use this Mercury retrograde to down grade materialism and upgrade spiritual love.

I think, no am certain, that if you take this month to do that, the stars will be in your favor. The gods and goddesses will smile upon you. And you will grow warmer and more fulfilled in your life.


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