Heart Astrology

“Explore life, dive deep into who what drives your fate and personality, and discover the direct experience of your soul in this world. Find answers to your quests and solutions to your questions. This is a sacred place, where insight is received and treasure is revealed through meaningful conversation about you and your life. “

Astrology Readings

Welcome to Heart Astrology. Astrology is a profound way of bringing meaning, direction, purpose, and foreknowledge into your life. I offer astrology, I ching, and Feng Shui readings. There are over 15 years of writings on astrology in the blog section of the site and a wide variety of astrological services to help you on your path. If you want a reading reach out, or if you just want to talk astrology email or connect with me on social media! Talk to you soon. 

Learn about the 4 types of astrology and what it can do for you in this video.

I categorize astrology into predictive, historical, psychological, and engaged. During a reading, we will blend all 4 types into the reading. This means we will be looking at where you and your experience arise from. We will examine what current myths and archetypes you are living by and we will also touch on where you are going and how to maximize the possibility of your good intentions coming to fruition for yourself and your family. 

Astrology is a Sacred Way, a deep act of mindful contemplation of your life. The astrology chart shows you how to live a life of meaning, value, acceptance, and fulfillment. It is a pathway to wholeness and peace as you walk your life of spiritual depth, material accomplishment, and harmonious relationships, and navigate the challenges of being human.

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