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The Benefits of an Astrology Reading

Why is astrology helpful and how does it work? these are both gate way questions to the study and appreciation of astrology. The art of astrology historically had one major theme of purpose to it. This could be summed up in knowing the timing of...

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Our goal is to help you have a better life through astrology.

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Delighted clients

I was set to take a long foreign trip with a close family member and needed to see if the astrology was favorable for the venture. After an in depth consultation I was able to feel good about going on the trip and then had a wonderful time. I really appreciated the insight and clarity given to me...

Anthony W.


I love my yearly check in with Heartastrology. It sets me up for guidance and tempo for my work and home life. Now I get a reading and so do all of my girl friends on the same day so we can compare notes. It is a delight!

Miranda S.


I used Heartastrology for a Horary to find my lost cat. The cat showed up on the day he said it would, which was a tremendous relief to me and my children. I highly recommend his services.

Samantha M.


Heartastrology consultations have been extremely helpful to me over the past 10 years. I have used their feng shui, horary, and electional astrology services with great results. This has helped me through divorce, applying to and getting into law school, and romance. I highly recommend his...

Vanessa T.


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