Heart Astrology

Why get an astrology reading?

  • Life Clarity
  • Relationship Questions
  • Further develop a connection with your soul
  • Insight into Business Questions
  • Insight into personal matters
  • Understand why you are making critical decisions and make better ones

Astrology Readings

An astrology reading is an intimate experience of self-discovery. We will walk on this journey together, and explore your astrology chart to understand your relationship and experience of time with the stars and planets

Peer beyond the veil into the mystery of you, the mystery of the universe, the mystery of everything.

Astrology videos meant to educate and entertain

"I listened to the reading you gave again, and so much was in an aligned tune to my inner song, it was such a lovely read at how you wove, mercurially technical aspects & myth & observation & moments of muse."
woman in blue dress standing on green grass field
~ C. D.
Natural Foods Business Consultant

I Ching Readings

I Ching readings are an ancient method of tapping into the Dao and bringing its wisdom into your life. This method uses 50 yarrow sticks divided in a ritualistic trance to gain vision and insight into the matters of a question. It provides tremendous insight into the subject provided and is very clarifying of any question. 

Feng Shui Readings

Feng Shui is a method of working with the flow of Chi and Time to help create harmony, wealth, and health for a household. I practice the flying star and east-west school and techniques as taught by the AMFI.