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Astrology and Feng Shui

You Come here to hear about your life, to dive deep into it and explore the experience of your soul in this world, to find answers to your quests and solutions to your questions. This is a sacred place, where insight is received and treasure is revealed. 

Astrology Readings

Welcome to my astrology page. Astrology is an incredible way bring meaning, direction, purpose and foreknowledge to your life. I have over 15 years of writings on astrology in the blog section of the site and offer a wide variety of astrological services to help you in your life. If you want a reading reach out, or if you just want to talk astrology email or connect with me on social media! Talk to you soon. 

Astrology is a Sacred Way
This is a path for finding balance in your life. The astrology chart shows you where that point is where you live a life of meaning and value. It is a pathway to wholeness and peace as you walk your life of spiritual and material accomplishment, relationships, and navigate the challenges of being human.

Feng Shui Readings

I also offer Feng Shui is a method of working with the flow of Chi and Time to help create harmony, wealth, and health for a household. Feng Shui readings are used to enhance health and wealth potential in a house. They create a sense of balance and joy in the home experience. I practice the flying star and east-west school methodologies.