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“I listened to the reading you gave again, and so much was in an aligned tune to my inner song, it was such a lovely read at how you wove, mercurially (is that a word?) technical aspects & myth & observation & moments of muse.


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Latest philosophical musings:

2103, 2021

Aries Spring Prediction for the US 2021

A good year for the USA The Aries ingress chart has been used as a predictive tool for nations and lands for a long time now. I follow the text of Mash'allah when I do the Aries Ingress chart. He lived in 8th century Baghdad and was one of the forerunners of Medieval astrology, which is my favorite form of astrology. Astrology has been around for a long time. I will walk through the considerations with you here. Hopefully it will fill you with joy and a love for astrology. When we predict with astrology we should remember as Robert Hand once said, "Astrology is perfect it is the astrologer who is flawed." I get predictions wrong, but I always go back and try to learn from them. When I do go back, I see what I missed and misjudged, because the correct answer was obviously in the chart. The chart I am using is 5:38 AM when the Sun entered Aries at 0º 0'. in Washington D.C., the seat of power that rules over the US. The prediction To start with the analysis Mash'allah, who I will refer to as the Master for the rest of this post, says, first judge the Lord of the Ascendant. The Ascendant in this chart is Aquarius. Its ruler Saturn is in the 1st house, which gives it strength, and it is in an experience of Rulership [...]

1703, 2021

Mercury and Spelling

Our words have power, use the power to create the world you want to live in.

1303, 2021

Mercury the philosophical trickster

As Mercury has entered Pisces let us muse upon there nature. The Sun is the soul, the moon is the spirit, to them we add mind. Mercury is mind. They are a trinity, for mind is the medium between the soul and the spirit. Mercury the divine being, who is also known as Hermes, is said in the old myths of the ancient occidental wisdom traditions to represent the god of language, science, and philosophy. Let us pull the curtain back then and say that mercury is thought and thinking. Language communicates thinking, thinking has produced the world we live in and made it what it is. Thinking is also though a trickster, it pulls one out of soul and spirit, and while it can lead one to wisdom, it also more commonly leads one to confusion. So mercury is the philosophical trickster. Let us say then, where Mercury is in your chart is an area where your thoughts will wander. You can have a whole life, with many activities and things to think about, but where Mercury is, that is where your thoughts will naturally go back to. The thinking of that place will be influenced by the sign Mercury is in. They way we think about the world colors how we percieve it, thinking is sense organ. In the prajna paramita when Shariputra is negating sense perceptions as being existent, he says [...]

1102, 2021

Year of the Metal Ox

Happy Year of the Ox. Welcome to the Year of the Metal Ox. Originating in Asia, the 60 year cycle calendar is Asian is practiced in a unique and individual way by numerous cultures within the Asian geographical region. The celebration of the lunar new year is now a world wide phenomena. I have been doing forecasts for the year ahead using the sexegenary cycle since the year 2000. I was first encouraged to do so by one of my kind Lamas, Lama Drimed Norbu. He is a true and excellent yogi of the Nyingma tradition. We would hold a week long ceremony every year to usher in the Tibetan New Year. The aspiration was a new year with no new obstacles. At the end of the ceremony, in the morning we would eat kaptse's (tibetan fried pastry bread) and drink chang (fermented grain alcohol). We did this at Rigdzin Ling in a manner that we were taught by H.E. Chagdud Tulku the 14th. The Ox When contemplating what the year ahead holds, I contemplate the animal and the element nature of the upcoming year. This seems to be a good approach. The animal is obvious, it is the ox. The Ox is the second animal in the cycle. The way the story was told to me is that the 12 animals that make up the Asian Zodiac are in an order set from [...]

2804, 2022

Astrology Elections and an NFT Talisman

In Western Esotericism we have understood the world to be one where the One creates forms through the principle of generation. This would be akin to the above. when we work with the below, that would be us, humans, our minds, we also create forms through the principle of generation. By necessity of the generation principle whatever forms we create through generation are also the forms the one has created through generation. In this way humans embody the principle of the demiurge. It is the case that he One displays its forms through its generation of the cosmos. Astrology is the principle language of studying this generation on the level of the experience of the human mind. With that understanding, we can posit that forms or energy patterns of the divine can be captured or manifested in created forms by the hands of the initiated esoteric. This when done in harmony with the principles of the one and the principles of generation emanating from the one through sympathies of time, material, image, and intention is how functional talismans are generated into being through the will of the esotericist as a proxy for the will of the one. We have entered or are entering the Age of Aquarius, and I follow the Sri Yukteswar's Yuga Cycle indicating that we are also rapidly entering the Dvapara Yuga, where energy is the more consistent with manifesting than Iron. The [...]

1304, 2022

Consulting the I Ching: Yin and Yang

When looking at the I Ching, first look at the balance of Yin and Yang Consulting the I Ching has a challenge when initially approaching it. It provides too much information and can be overwhelming. To study the I Ching, start simple. The method I am sharing with you is simple yet can extend into complexity. It doesn’t not rely on books, although I still use the classic Chou I, or Book of Changes text for visual cues. The first and most important task is to understand the movement of Yin and Yang. Yang and Yin Yang is active. Yin is passive. Yang rises and Yin descends. Yang is masculine and Yin is feminine. Yang is the generation and Yin is the dissolution. Yang is display and Yin is emptiness. Yang is mind and Yin is space Yang is heaven and Yin is earth. Yang is light and Yin is dark. Yang is one and Yin is zero. When my grandfather taught the I Ching, he said, first you must study Yin and Yang. Walk around for a week and think about what is Yang in things and what is Yin in things. This is a good exercise for learning the I Ching, for the I Ching starts with understanding Yang and Yin. how Yang becomes Yin and how Yin becomes Yang. There is always the seed of Yin in Yang and the seed [...]

403, 2022

Introduction to I Ching Divination

Yang Rises, Yin Descends. Approaching the I Ching as a form of divination. The I ching is a profound form of divination, in that it allows one to have direct access to the book of nature. This is one reason why it has had such incredible endurance and adoptability throughout time and cultures. When I speak of the book of nature, I am speaking of a way of find meaning in life that comes from direct experience of your perceptions as they arise. The I Ching has both a scholastic tradition, based on breaking down and studying the mathematical harmonies found with in it. This tradition is also based on the historical "Book of Changes" or the " Yi Ching". The natural form of the I ching is more intuitive and a practice of engaged mysticism. My own training is in the later, and I generally speak to that in my own readings as well as my explanations of the I Ching. Historically the written origins of the I Ching arose some time during the first mellenia BC during the Kingdom of Zhou. It was codified into its more known tradition during the "Warring States Period." To learn more about this fascinating historical time, I highly recommend listening to episodes 1 through 40 of the History of China Podcast. In studying esotericism, through out my life I have found that there have [...]

2401, 2022

What does Mars in Capricorn mean

Mars entered Capricorn in the tropical zodiac today and will be there until March 5th 2022. This post is general to Mars in Capricorn and how to use it in your chart. So in future Mars in Capricorn transits, which happen about every two and a half years you can still use it. Mars is in exaltation in Capricorn Mars is in exaltation in Capricorn and is thus very good at doing what it wants. The energy of Mars is alive, full and capable during this time. This means that it is a time of extra energy and vigor. You can find this in the house that Capricorn possesses in your astrology chart. In the astrology chart each house is ruled by a sign, that sign and which house shifts depending on the sign of your Ascendant. The energy of Mars is very ruthless. Because of this where it falls in your chart right now, it is an excellent time to ruthlessly change that area of your life. If you approach this with vigor and enthusiasm Mars in Capricorn will help you get out of ruts that you feel stuck in. It creates a sense of adventure and transformation, reinvigorating your soul and spirit. However, should you choose to ignore Mars in Capricorn, it will cause upheavals and fighting in that area of your life. Think of it as a sword, you can direct [...]

1710, 2021

Song of Hekate

Hekate, embodying the energy of the moon and its implications. Hermes said, while carrying a message from the Logos to the Shadow, “beware the bitter medicine, for you will swallow as much as you can not heal, through your own efforts.” Hekate, the Goddess of the trimorphic power of the moon.Hekate, What are those powers? Emptiness, fullness, and the ability to go between. Hekate Ggoddess of Yin and yang. Sublime protector of the TAO. Hekate, You with power over past present and future. Hekate, you who consumes devils and Births Gods, You who swallows gods and shits devils. Mother of all existence. Grant us light when there is darkness. Hekate, Turn the wheel of agony into bliss, self fixation Into equanimity, anger into love, hatred into compassion, and sorrow into joy. Hekate, when at a crossroads, guide me to make the right decision. To take the right road. To walk the good road of virtue so my soul may walk free of my body when the great Cross Road arises. Hekate, Crush those who seek to harm the good of life on this planet in your terrible fingers, consume them with your sharp poisoned teeth, rip out their five organs spread them in the 10 directions and render them useless. Oh Hekate, from emptiness you come, to emptiness you go, at the crossroads where we perceive the false perceptions of choices and forms, you [...]

710, 2021

Bonatti and the Ship

May your ship of wealth and abundance come in. Guido Bonatti is the most famous Italian Astrologer. He is world renowned for his amazing art and craft. There is a story about him I would like to share. He had a client with a family who was very poor. One day he gave him a red wax replica of a sailing ship. He told his client to keep it and he would grow rich. The man and his family grew very rich, business deals and inheritances always came his way. In 10 years he grew very rich. During this time you could be burned and killed for practicing magic though, and the man became worried that the ship was magical witchcraft so he burned it in his hearth fire. Within a year he had lost all of his luck and became poor. He went back to Bonatti at the request of his wife. He told him how he had destroyed the ship and what had befallen him and his family. He begged Bonatti to make him a new ship. Bonatti said, “oh my poor dear fool. It was not the ship that brought you wealth, it was the time it was made. It captured the energy of the stars on a date that will never repeat. An energy that created wealth for you. There was no magic involved, just an understanding of how time [...]

509, 2021

On the Question of different Spiritual Hierarchies in the world.

Why do we propagate division in our way of thinking about the world. Long have I considered this question. When I was growing up, my father introduced me to Joseph Campbell, who in my reading promoted the sameness of all spiritual traditions teaching a comprehensive truth through different symbols. When I spent years as a fundamental Vajrayana Buddhist, I developed a great deal of disrespect for this view, based upon what I saw as the cultural projection of Joseph Campbell and his Heroes Journey onto the vast rich tradition of Vajrayana Buddhism. I can assure you, he really did not know what the symbols meant in their own tradition, but was commenting upon them based on his own belief system. That being the case, it was a logical assumption that he was misinterpreting all other oriental spiritual traditions. One result of leaving the confines of the Buddhist retreat center which I was holed up in for 12 years, I had to grapple with the question of other spiritual traditions and their hierarchies having value and meaning or not. Humanity has a plethora of spiritual hierarchies throughout history. Angels, Daemons, tribal mediums, ascended masters, beings of folklore, Wisdom beings of Abrahamic, Vedic, Daoist, First Peoples, or Buddhist origin. All of which are claimed by their adherents to be archons of spiritual elevation above and beyond the human realm and experience. It must be one of [...]


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