I recently received a wonderful question on how to survive during Mercury Retrograde. That is professionally. The concept of Mercury Rx has become so prevalent in society, it is up there with Sun signs as a simple access point into astrology for those who enjoy the mythos of the stars and planets having a say in the experiences of life. Just like Sun Sign astrology though, the truth of Mercury Rx is too general to really be effecting people on the level that is being ascribed to it.

The following analogy seems to poetically describe this. Mercury Rx is a general astrological experience, similar to the Sun or Moon traveling through the signs, or outer planet transits. They are like the tides of an ocean, they create emotional tones that everyone experiences to some degree, but they are not the waves, that toss your ship about. The waves that toss your ship around are your transits, progressions, and timelords. These are dependent upon aspects to five key places in your chart. Your Ascendant, Sun, Moon, Midheaven, and Part of Fortune. When these are aspected, you personally experience waves crashing into your boat for better or worse.

The question is, then, how to avoid being swallowed by the tide of Mercury Rx. The answer is learning to surf your waves. Which is what the art of astrology is exactly about.

Mercury is in Rx motion sixty days a year. That is one sixth of the year. It can hardly be said that all car and travel breakdowns, all business deals gone sour, and all contracts negated originate during those sixty days and no other time. However, if during a Mercury Rx and its shadow period you have Mercury transiting one of the significant points in your chart, you may experience just such a thing.

Also, if you were to initiate a business contract, while Mercury was ruling or aspecting the ruler of the Ascendant you would end up surfing a retrograde wave. Those are choppy! So you want your events to start, or your contracts to be signed when the ruler of the Ascendant for the event, and your ruler of the Ascendant is free of being aspected by Mercury while it is in its retrograde motion.

Choosing a time for an event is called electional astrology. It is choosing the correct time to initiate an experience or create a thing. Mercury Rx will only have domain over those things you give it domain over during this time. If something is important to you, and you are worrying about Mercury Rx affecting it. By all means then, do not start it while mercury is aspecting the ascendant or the ascendants ruler in the chart of the moment. Doing so gives the tricky Mercury Rx a say in the matter, which is just begging for one of those Mercury Rx experiences that perhaps you are reading this article to avoid.



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    This was helpful; thanks.

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