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I recently received a wonderful question on how to survive during Mercury Retrograde. That is professional. The concept of Mercury Rx has become very prevalent in society and is a cornerstone of pop astrology. It is up there with Sun sign astrology as a simple access point for those who enjoy the mythos of the stars and planets having a say in the experiences of life. Just like Sun Sign astrology though, the idea of Mercury Rx is too general to affect people on the level that is ascribed to it. Mercury is retrograde around 60 days a year. Many fine and distinguished sirs and madams make it through Mercury retro without any electronic or travel incidents. They sip their tea and wonder what all the fuss is about. But, if you find your tea does spill on your white shirt and stains your Mercurial britches, then this post is for you!

Mercury Rx is a general astrological experience, similar to the Sun or Moon traveling through the signs, or outer planet transits. It is like the tide of an ocean, it comes and it goes, and sometimes it washes about your ankles and you notice it, but other times you are too busy enjoying the sun beating down upon your brow to feel the foam lapping about your feet. If we think of astrology as being like an ocean, an ocean The waves that toss your ship around are your transits, progressions, and Timelords. These are dependent upon aspects of five key places in your chart. Your Ascendant, Sun, Moon, Midheaven, and Part of Fortune. When these are aspected, you personally experience waves crashing into your boat for better or worse.

Now suppose this Mercury Retro is going to smack one of those 5 points silly as it goes to and fro during this particular transit to your natal chart. In that case, then you will need to whip out ye ole “Heart astrology survival guide” pull up a chair and listen to Daddy Dorje’s advice. In short, if you are on the ocean and things get wavy, the answer is learning to surf your waves. Which is what this art of astrology is exactly about.

The first thing to say is that all business deals, all electronics, and all vehicles do not crash for everyone, so take a deep breath and don’t hit the panic button. Now if one of these things do happen to you, because you happen to have one of the aforementioned pre conditions (hint, read the paragraph above). Follow the following steps meticulously.

Three important points to keep in mind during Mercury Retrograde

  1. Take a step back and breath (that is do not immediately call a relative, husband, or emotional support friend) You are being protected from the worst result. That is right, the universe, in all of her glorious love and with her big bossoms has asked Mercury to keep you out of trouble. This delay you are experiencing is about approaching the problem from a better perspective. Take the time to let your thinking evolve.
  2. It is a great time to but electronics and vehicles. I have purchased almost ever car and computer I own under Mercury retro. I know this is counter intuitive to pop astrology, but I HAD TOO. (you see my old computers and cars broke). The good news is the new gear I bought is still working. I am actually typing on it now. So go with the flow. The universe is green lighting you to get something better.
  3. Communications can break down. So do not try to use the subtle minutia of astrophysics to explain away your philandering ways. Straight communication from the heart is what is required now. Actually, it is what is required all the time, but I might just be saying that because I was born during Mercury RX. You decide.
  4. If you study astrology and you have your birth chart, you can tell what areas of your life might go wonky. They are the areas ruled by Mercury. In your chart that would be the houses ruled by Gemini and Virgo.

Honestly though, don’t do these 3 things…

  1. Initiate a business contract, especially if this retrograde Mercury is aspecting your ASC, MC, or the ruler of your Ascendant or Midheaven. Those are choppy waves, diver down, boat sinking, airplane engines quitting aspect. Just wait it out, it is only 3 weeks.
  2. Do not travel on a tight schedule or with haste. No bueno, accident prone time. I am serious, this is a time to take it slow and easy. If you are a manic driver who talks on the cell phone the whole time you are driving this is not your moment. Take the Amtrack. That will certainly be a Mercury RX experience all on its own.
  3. Do not form personal contracts that are important. Like really, postpone the engagement ring, or stall the wedding. It is the middle of winter, raining, and going to be cold anyways. Just plan it for May if you can’t afford June.

Choosing a time for an event is called electional astrology. It is choosing the correct time to initiate an experience or create a thing. Mercury Rx will only have domain over those things you give it domain over during this time. If something is important to you, and you are worrying about Mercury Rx affecting it. By all means then, do not start it while mercury is aspecting the ascendant or the ascendants ruler in the chart of the moment. Doing so gives the tricky Mercury Rx a say in the matter, which is just begging for one of those Mercury Rx experiences that perhaps you are reading this article to avoid. This has nothing to do with you, it is just the way things work. Things, like the universe, require no consent from humans to work the way they do. Go with the flow, means pay attention to the timing of things, because honestly, timing is an extremely important factor in how your life is going to play out, and Astrology is the only way to crush that timing factor.

Beware the Mercury Station

On a final note, as you observe Mercury Retrograde through the months and years, you will begin to notice the strongest effects occur during the Station Retrograde and the Station direct. I would suggest you do not make travel plans during these 18 days a year (one day before the station, the day of the station, and the day after the station).

Anyways, no fear, no sweat, have a happy Mercury Retrograde, again.


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