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Preparing for your astrology reading

An astrology reading is an intimate and revelatory experience. It can change the way you view your life and yourself. My intention is for it to be an incredibly inspiring moment for you. This is because astrology is the language of the soul and a language of gnosis. 

To achieve this goal it takes both of us working together. On my end, I pray and meditate before the reading. I go to my shrine, light incense, and a tea light, and make offerings to invoke an enlightened deity to guide the reading to the best outcome. The day before I study your chart for one to two hours before the reading. 

As an astrology reading is a co-arising experience between both of us, it is essential that you prepare yourself also. Please take time to meditate, contemplate the questions you have about your life and life path, pray, and come to the reading settled and relaxed. We will open the reading with an invocation. I am a Buddhist, so it will invoke a Buddhist deity, however, if you are more comfortable with a deity of your tradition, let me know and we will use your preferred source of reverence. 

The astrology reading is a conversation you will have with your soul. If at any time during the reading, I start speaking in ways that do not match your experience or do not make sense to you, please let me know. After all, the chart represents your life, and no one knows that better than you. 

Finally, be sure to bring a cup of tea, coffee, water, or drink of choice to the reading so you can be fully relaxed throughout. Light a candle and say prayer yourself. Turn off your cell phone if it is on and enjoy the reading. 

May it be auspicious!