Heart Astrology

How to approach a reading.

An astrology reading is an intimate and revelatory experience. It can change the way you view your life and yourself. My intention is for it to be an incredibly inspiring moment for you. This is because astrology is the language of the soul and a language of gnosis. For it to be this though, we both have to enter the experience with an open heart. 

An astrology reading should be empowering, inspiring, and uplifting, this is the goal of the experience. 

The readings work best if you are in a relaxed environment and have a relaxed mind. Please consider meditating for 5 minutes before the reading starts in a quiet place.

Astrology is not a hard factual science, rather it is a method of inquiry into the universe and your experience within it.

The reading is based on the language of astrology, expressed through the image of your natal chart or the event chart. The astrology chart consists of houses, planets, and astrology signs as a method of dialogue. No astrologer should claim to be all-knowing, the more communicative you are about the actual events and shape of your life during a reading, the more you will get from the session. Avoid astrologers who tell you what to believe.

During the reading, it is possible you will gain insight into your life that opens emotional doors. If you feel vulnerable and wish to share those emotions, I aim to provide a safe space for you to do that. If you experience an astrology reading that you do not feel comfortable with, please do not see that astrologer again, whether it is me or someone else.

Because astrology can open intimate doors into the personal experiences of one’s life, Astrologers are bound by a code of ethical privacy with the client. What you say during an astrology reading will not be repeated to anyone.

Astrology advice is based on our conversation and the chart, it is not meant to be binding legal, medical, financial, or psychological advice. Rather, it is meant to be another perspective for you to consider.

There are many astrologers and if you find one that works for you, seeing them once a year is very helpful. If you want to see one more than once a year that is great, I recommend three readings initially. One is to get a sense of the chart and develop communication. The next one is to go deeper and look at life cycles from the past. The final one is to get a sense of upcoming experiences and how to best handle them. After that, a yearly reading should be fine, unless you have a desire to understand on a deeper level a life event that comes up.

Before the reading take time to meditate, contemplate the questions you have about your life path, pray, and come to the reading settled and relaxed. We will open the reading with a breathing meditation. This will be a simple meditation of five deep breaths and a few words to set our intention. After that depending on how familiar you are with astrology we may explore the basic overview of how I read charts. Simply stated I use whole sign houses, and the tropical zodiac. 

The astrology reading is a conversation you have with your soul. I am just a translator and facilitator of the dialogue, at any time during the reading, I start speaking in ways that do not match your experience or do not make sense to you, please let me know. After all, the chart represents your life, and no one knows that better than you. The more open you are to expressing your story, the more you will get out of the reading. 

Be sure to bring a cup of tea, coffee, water, or drink of choice to the reading so you can be fully relaxed. Turn off the cell phone, enjoy the reading!

May it be auspicious