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Eight things that make your astrology chart bogus!

Rabbi Abraham Ibn Ezra, at the very beginning of his work ” The Book of Nativities and Revolutions” explains why natal astrology can be trumped by mundane astrology. This means that what is going on within your city, state, or nation, can be more powerful than your own personal chart experience. Some clients come to […]

Mercury is Retrograde Again

Hah, Mercury has gone retrograde again. Usually this is met with quite a good deal of misery. Everyone runs around hollering about broken computers, broken down cars, crashing airplanes and everything else that can and does go wrong concerning business, contracts, travel, and electronics. It is actually a time of great joy, because we are […]

The Planetary Cycles and how to use them.

The universe is at first glance chaotic. Astrology is the noble art of bringing a light of understanding to the chaos of the Universe. If we contemplate energy and time, we find cycles, archetypes, and an underlying simplistic order to the Universe.  These themes can be studied and used through the Art of astrology. Making […]

Monday is Moon day.

Monday is ruled by the Moon. Hence it is a day when the powers and energies of the Moon are very accessible, or so the ancient Babylonians thought.  In fact, every day of the week they named after a “planet”. This tradition is still carried on to this day when all of our days are […]

Lunar Mansions 2

The Lunar mansions are giving to be the following. Different authors have different variations, but the differences are not that great. This table is from Agrippa and can be found here. Now It should be stated that this is a very curse explanation, but one which is a great guide to beginning your meditations upon […]

The brilliant flame out of Tiger Woods.

It is said by the Astrology teacher Robert Zoller, that only what is promised in the astrology chart may come to pass. When these things come to pass is based upon transit, progression, and direction. An astrologer who is trained in predictive art will look at these three to see when promised events in the […]

Mars and its wanderings through Cancer

[wikipop]Mars[/wikipop]. The Red Planet. Hot and Dry. Feisty in temper and quick to act with force. The archetype of the warrior. The minor Malefic in astrology. Malefic means that where if falls in the chart, it is going to make life tough. That place is going to need consciousness to be used. When we have […]

What is in a sign.

These days you can find a lot of astrology that is about Sun signs, or love signs, or Western and Chinese astrology combined into “new astrology”. These texts, newspapers, astrology feeds can offer good entertainment, but are they astrology? The answer of course is no. Astrology is the science of understanding how the planets interact […]