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These days you can find a lot of astrology that is about Sun signs, or love signs, or Western and Chinese astrology combined into “new astrology”. These texts, newspapers, astrology feeds can offer good entertainment, but are they astrology? The answer of course is no. Astrology is the science of understanding how the planets interact in a precise mathematical way with your own moment of becoming in this life (that would be with your birth.) As the planets and the nodes travel around the zodiac they form mathematical aspects to each other. These aspects occur can be indicated through many different ways of moving the planets and nodes through the chart.

Of course we know of the aspects as the conjunction, the sextile, the square, the trine and the opposition. I wrote a very simple synopsis of them in the article “How to use aspects in your chart.” The ways the the chart is propelled mathematically around the circle are many. Some examples are: transits, which is where the planets are in the archetypal zodiac now, compared to when you were born. Another is  progressions, which is where the planets were in the sky one day later for every year you have been alive (thus if you have been alive for 49 years, where the planets are 49 days after your birth.) Profections, which is moving the planets forward one sign for every year of your life (thus turning the zodiac). Solar Directions…which amongst other numerical equations means moving the planets 1 degree forward in the chart for every year you have been alive.  These are just a few of the many ways that astrologers move planets to scry meaning for your life as it is currently.

What do all of these have in common, that in the hands of a capable astrologer, they prescribe precision to what the actual and current experiences of your life are. This is something that sun signs and love signs can not to. Sorry, its just not that simple. If you have sun in Virgo, as I do, then you might read today: “Try to take on the big ideas going on around you — there are so many of them to choose from! You almost certainly feel something click as you identify a new sense of purpose and belonging.” which is absolutely meaningless. Sure it is good advice, good on any day for any person. But, because your natal sun is in Virgo in know way means that this applies to your life with any specificity.

Likewise, who you are, as a soul, a human, a psyche is so much more than a simple sun sign, or sun sign and Chinese zodiac sign. You are not a Taurus for example. You may be a Taurus with a Leo moon and Sagittarius Rising, along with a Gemini Mercury, Taurus Venus, Taurus Mars…etc. That is you are, by the strictest of methods, A Sun, Moon, Rising, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn combination in twelve different signs and 12 different houses. That makes a very individual and unique you! Rejoice…you are one of a kind. So keep your mind clean of pop entertainment, and discover the unique you!

This is why there are professional astrologers, why they must study hard to master their craft. Interpreting a persons birth chart is an art and a science which requires time, energy and skill to become adept at, let alone master. In the hands of a master, it becomes a marvelous predictive tool, capable of predicting personal as well as profound world events. Such a case is when Robert Zoller, who is a master of the craft, predicted 9-11 2001 years before it happened.  You can read about this here: www.new-library.com/zoller/features/

Think of sun sign astrology as pop music, a casual enjoyment, or as a commercial. If you seek to know astrology though, consult a professional, or begin many exciting years of study.


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