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The universe is at first glance chaotic. Astrology is the noble art of bringing a light of understanding to the chaos of the Universe. If we contemplate energy and time, we find cycles, archetypes, and an underlying simplistic order to the Universe.  These themes can be studied and used through the Art of astrology.

Making order out of the cycles using archetypes is of immense and practical benefit to spiritual, psychological, and material development and success.  The art of astrology is unique in its ability to be applied to any spiritual tradition, its ability to help garner and fill out the knowledge of how one acts psychologically, and the pathway to manifesting successfully with in the world.

Astrology thus can be a map to self development, self accomplishment, self understanding, as well as a deeper profound truth of selflessness. By learning your place within the cycles of time, you will be initiated into your possibilities as a soul contributing to humanity, the possibility of your own perfection as an instrument of the creative process of life itself, and ever unfolding aspects of selflessness.

First there are the outer cycles, and the ancient great astrologer [wikipop]Mashallah[/wikipop] deemed the following ones to be important. First the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, Second the middle conjunction of Mars and Saturn, and third the lesser conjunction of Jupiter and Mars.  These three mark cycles which effect all of humanity.

These cycles tend to be forgotten now, as we have come to recognize even slower moving planets that are not visible to the naked eye, Uranus and Neptune, and the Planetoid Pluto as time markers. However, these planets were used successfully by astrologers to predict the future for thousands of years. Perhaps it is worth looking at these cycle historically to examine their effects on humanity, and gather what we can as glimpses of the future.

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  1. I am very interested to see how the upcoming cardinal grand cross will affect my granddaughter’s chart. She is due on August 4th.

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