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It is said by the Astrology teacher Robert Zoller, that only what is promised in the astrology chart may come to pass. When these things come to pass is based upon transit, progression, and direction. An astrologer who is trained in predictive art will look at these three to see when promised events in the chart will occur.  In the case of Tiger Woods, a brilliant and public challenge from his wife, destruction of his home, and life changing obsessions with sex are all promised in his chart. Here is the chart:

Tiger Woods

In this chart one can see Jupiter rules the 4th and 7th house. This is the house of home and marriage respectively. Likewise Jupiter is in the sign of Aries, which according to the Libra Hermetis implies “Powerful tyrants” and ones who are honored and achieve success in physical and martial activities. Is this Tiger, yes it is. Likewise, this Jupiter is in the terms of Mercury, indicating “being successful at business.” Is this Tiger, yes it is. This Jupiter is giving Tiger a good deal of his fame and fortune in the chart, so what is going on, why have things gone bad.

This Jupiter is squaring the Sun in the fourth house, so we know that Jupiter is going to be involved in creating soul lessons for Tiger.  Jupiter is also opposed Pluto in Libra for Tiger. Pluto in Libra is going to fixate on and crave beauty and passion. Thus the goodness of his career, marriage, and home, are going to be opposed at times in his life by his powerful fixation upon passion.

Look at the nodes in the chart. The South Node is in Taurus, the North Node is in Scorpio.  This nodal access suggests karmic lessons through relationships, specifically, relationships that are passionate and sensual. Why now? The solar directed Jupiter, is conjunct the malefic south node.  Thus Jupiter, Tiger’s great boon, is being consumed by the South Node.

Jupiter will always do things with a great blowout. It is a gas giant after all. So it is extravagantly self destructing in a public way now that it has reached the South Node. What would an astrologers advice be to Tiger this year, I would have said, be careful with your family and lay low.

I expect that when Jupiter moves past the South Node, Brand Tiger will recover. But because Solar Directions create permanent physical experiential changes, and not just emotional changes (as transits tend to), Tiger Woods will not have the same wife or home by the end of it all.

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