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JokerCard-214x300Rabbi Abraham Ibn Ezra, at the very beginning of his work ” The Book of Nativities and Revolutions” explains why natal astrology can be trumped by mundane astrology. This means that what is going on within your city, state, or nation, can be more powerful than your own personal chart experience. Some clients come to me and ask, “Everyone is losing their job, will I lose mine?” I can then look at their chart and see no major transits or progressions to the planet or house ruling their career. In general at that point I can say no. But is it guaranteed, and should I even say such a thing given the economic climate…? The answer is unfortunately no. Here is the reason why as Ibn Ezra explains.

“As a rule the judgments for the general group void the judgment for the individual, and of these I shall mention eight ways…” Let us go over the eight ways, so you know for your studies of astrology.

The first is that the nation of the native may change the judgement.
Let us say you were born with the astrological markers of a king. Let us say you were born with the markers of King in the United States. There is no King in the United States, so you can not become king of the United States. You could become president, but he is beholden to those who fund his election, so it is not the same. Perhaps you could become the corporate head of Microsoft. That might be more like a King. The point is that you can not become something that out weighs the reality of the country or the world you are in.

The second is to judge from the regions of the earth that one is from.
For example if you judge that Mars in aspect to the Ascendant, or Mars in Aries in the first house will produce red hair, but the native is from Africa and has no Irish genealogy in him, then it can not be so. There was an actual effort to debunk astrology by ignoring this rule. But statistically if you Mars is in the First House and your heritage allows for a red hair gene to express itself, then you are more likely to get red hair.

The third example is to judge by what the fate of the country is.
If the astrology of the country indicates that war will come to it, then it is the case that even if someones chart does not indicate that they will die war they may indeed die by war. For instance, the last square of Pluto and Uranus in the spring of 2014 was in aspect the ascendant of the natal chart of the Ukraine. War broke out and many people have died. It is the fate of the land and it supersedes the fate of the individual.

The fourth example is the Solar Revolution for the world or nation.
If the solar revolution for a country indicates that there will be an outbreak of ebola, and you happen to be in that country, then you might get ebola, even if the indication in your chart is that you are not subject to disease during the year. Since you are in a place where a highly infectious disease is to break out, it has precedent over your chart generally showing you to be healthy and immune from weak body diseases.

The fifth is the influence of the family’s station in life.
If two people are born in the same hospital at the same time, maybe a room apart, delivered by the hands of the same doctor, maybe the same scheduled c-section. Let us say at 1:00. Perhaps the doctor has a golf game at 2, so he really makes sure they both come out at the same time. Let us say one is the son of a Google executive, and the other is the son of a Jack In The Box employee. Which one is going to have a charter school that teaches Chinese in the first grade, and which one is going to go to a public school where the first grade is all about reading one fish two fish. They both might have brilliant Mercuries in their chart, but the Google kid is going to go father in life.

The sixth consideration that nullifies a chart is what the charts of those who control the Native’s life says.
For example, let us say you are working for Lehmen Brothers, and the chart of the CEO says he is a swindling oblivious liar and this year he is going to fail miserably. Well, even if your chart shows you have good financial fortune and a good work ethic, as the company collapses because of what his chart indicates, you are going to get laid off and loose your income. This is how a rulers chart supersedes the charts of his employees.

The seventh is the laws of nature.
If you buy an airplane ticket, and you get on a jet flying to Hong Kong and you have a very lucky chart, with Jupiter and Venus conjunct in the fifth ruling the Ascendant, but the planes engines fail at 30,000 feet, it is the law of nature and gravity that your luck will make no difference and you will become a pancake or fishfood. It does not matter how lucky your chart is, that is nature at play.

The eighth is if you have wisdom from astrology and the knowledge and capacity to implement it.
Let us say you study astrology, or have a good astrologer you consult. Let us say your chart by transit and solar return says that Mars will conjunct your ascendant and thus your body will suffer illness from heat. So before that happens, maybe the week before, you stop drinking alcohol and caffeine and start taking vitamin C, and avoid heating foods. The result is you do not get sick because you fortified your body and avoided heating foods. You have negated negative astrology through your awareness. Congratulations!

In these eight ways your chart can be negated by charts that rule over you, laws of nature, or your own will. Good Luck.

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