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Monday is ruled by the Moon. Hence it is a day when the powers and energies of the Moon are very accessible, or so the ancient Babylonians thought.  In fact, every day of the week they named after a “planet”. This tradition is still carried on to this day when all of our days are named after the traditional “planets” in astrology. Their naming scheme is still followed to this day. It starts with Sunday, which of course is dedicated to the Sun, then proceeds to Monday (the Moon), Tuesday (Mars), Wednesday (mercury), Thursday (Jupiter), Friday (Venus) and Saturday (Saturn of course.)

It is a challenge in our culture and time to stay connected to the forces of nature, to stay in their rhythm. At one point it was considered vital for humanity to be in harmony with the movements of the planets. For the Babylonians, to leave this rhythm meant that mankind would go out of balance, great natural disasters and wars would become more common place, and humanity would loose its virtue. For a fascinating read on this subject, I recommend The Dawn of Astrology, by Nick Campion.

So here we are! Most of humanity has lost its ability to be in rhythm with the “planets” and their motions. Their are two easy ways for us to reconnect with their natural rhythm. The first is to pay attention to the planets that rule each day. If it is Monday, then pay attention to the Moon in your chart. What is it doing. What is its purpose. On Mondays, do something Lunar, as it is described in your chart. Honor that, and proceed through the week in the same way!

This method, or exercise will have two benefits, one connecting to an ancient outer rhythm. The natural flow of the [wikipop]Chaldean[/wikipop] order, and two, it will help you discover new parts of your inner psyche.



On Mondays, meditate upon the Moon in your Chart.

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