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[wikipop]Mars[/wikipop]. The Red Planet. Hot and Dry. Feisty in temper and quick to act with force. The archetype of the warrior. The minor Malefic in astrology. Malefic means that where if falls in the chart, it is going to make life tough. That place is going to need consciousness to be used. When we have a warrior, a great big hot headed killer, you need him to behave and do his purpose well. In astrology terms this would mean a good sign placement, where he is happy, in his exaltation or domicile. Or he needs to be in a house he enjoys (an accidental dignity) This house is the sixth house, where toil and work is done, using Mars energy well.

When Mars is well in Aries, Scorpio, or exalted in Capricorn, then Mars is going to create courageous people, just people, warriors who are confident, yet prudent in there own affairs. Mars is going to ensure one can carry out ones will, be served by brothers and warriors who are capable, and be effective in whichever house Mars rules.

When Mars is in Fall or detriment, then it is sloppy, it is like a man who goes Postal. The innocent are going to be hurt. There is going to be theivery, obscenity, violence, traitorous behavior in the houses that Mars is placed or ruled. This is the warrior with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that is not treated, the gun totting meth. head, or the Rapist. Its not so good.

What to do if Mars is bad in your chart (in Libra or Cancer), look to the houses that Mars rules, those are the areas that you can funnel the energy with consciousness. You will need to use awareness. The bad warrior has to be kept tabs on, you have to keep him on Parole or in Therapy, or he is going to get nasty. If you do this though, his frustrated energy will serve one very well!

Right now Mars has moved into Cancer. This is where Mars is in Fall. The warrior is so uncomfortable in the cool loving nurturing of the mother realm, that it is going to act badly. During this time we will see acts of violence against women rise, or violent acts against committed on drugs rise. This is the time when people go postal. Look for where your Mars is in your chart. Be careful with the matters of that house when Mars is in its fall! Also be careful not to be alone in dangerous places during this time, acts of random violence will be more commonplace. Mars here will focus on Women and Children. Mars will also invigorate during the evening and night, the moon’s time. During the day there will be more sloth. Our energy will be muted during this time. Mars is going to be depressed, so our activities will not  be as common place.  These are the precautions for Mars in Cancer. Live in awareness, live well,


Mars the conquerer
Mars the conqueror

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