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The Moon in myth and astrology

The archetype of the mother goddess is deeply rooted in human culture and can be found in various forms across different traditions. One powerful symbol that embodies this archetype is the Moon. There are multifaceted connections between the Moon and the mother goddess archetype in folklore, myth, and astrology. By looking at the Moon’s significance […]

The Moon in Leo

Since it is the play of the moon to self identify as a unique creative principle in the universe let us use the moon to look at the myth of theLeo in the zodiac. After Cancer the Crab comes Leo the Lion which is a fixed sign, meaning it stabilizes, is creative unto itself and […]

The Moon in Cancer

Since it is the play of the moon to emotionally relate to the various experiences¬†of the universe let us use the moon to look at the myth of thezodiac. After Gemini the Twins comes Cancer the Crab which is a cardinal sign, meaning it initiates, puts forth new creative impulses and feels its way into […]

The Moon in Gemini

Since it is the play of the moon to dialogue about what it is that makes ourexperience of the universe let us use the moon to look at the myth of thezodiac. After Taurus the bull comes Gemini the Twins, which is a mutable sign, meaning it transitions, holds creates variety, and reconciles opposites. It […]

Putting the Moon to work.

Bringing your myth to light In the last post we explored how the Moon can be used to illuminate different areas of your life as it travels through the astrological houses throughout the month. It is like a great coloring book you get to open every month. Your month is your art, and the moon […]

The art of the Moon

The Moon is your monthly rhythm clock. I hope you would forgive me for stating the obvious. The Moon is how we experience the passage of time. Primordially, before clocks, the clock that humans measured the passing of time was the moon. There is good evidence lunar calendars go back 35,000 years ago.  We go […]

Moon in Scorpio and the Naughty Money Man

Scorpio is associated with Secrets. Right now the moon is in Scorpio and it opposed the conjunction of Venus and Mercury in Taurus last night. What secrets have been revealed we might ask. Scorpio is also associated with sex, the sexual organs. That is because it is the natural ruler of the 8th house which […]

Using Astrology for Medical Elections.

I would like to continue the theme of Astrology as incorporating the fourth dimension of timing to insure success in endeavors. One of the classical arts that was lost to the west was the use of astrology in determining when to see a doctor. Why is it that some healthy people have surgeries and everything […]