Let the moon be your astrological guide through the month

The Moon is your monthly rhythm clock.

You already knew that I suppose. We go from new moon to full moon and back to new moon. But let us inception this. Next level down. The Moon, based upon my observations, and what will soon be your observations, is also a rhythm through the houses of your birth chart that plays out every month.

Here is what you need to do to. Get your astrology chart. I have it available on this website here “your chart”. Then look over your chart at the different signs and how they fill out each house. Great! Your half way to being a fulltime astrologer. Or at least halfway to tracking the transit of the moon through your chart during the month. Most people will now say pay attention to the Moons aspects as it goes through the signs, but not us. We are going deeper to pay attention to the house the Moon is in.

Let us say you have a Capricorn rising. When the Moon is in Capricorn that is your first house. It is about self and image. During this time you will become more concerned with your own purpose, image, identity. It is based on the Moon being in the first. The sign will color the experience.

First though, before looking at how the signs color the experience let us briefly go through the 12 houses the moon will transit through the month and how you can use that in your life to tune your rhythm clock.

The houses:

The first house as we have said is a time when your experience will be one of self knowing.

The second house is knowing the world of possesions and objects.

The third house is knowing your own practices and routines as well as those close to you.

The fourth house is about work on the home and family

The fifth house is about creative passionate play

The sixth house focuses on health and those who work for you

The seventh house is about the other

The eighth house is the other’s resources and deep change

The ninth house is the land of the spiritual foreigner

The tenth house is profession

The eleventh is the circle of friends and hopes

The twelfth is a time best spent in meditation, recollections, and purifying your mis deeds.

After the twelfth house you are reborn anew and are able to reexperience the cycle.

Where the new moon is new beginnings in those areas of your life will occur. Where the full moon is peak experiences will arise in those areas of life.

For example.

as I write this the Moon is in Gemini which is my sixth house in the natal chart. It is a good day to focus on health. I happened to have a lovely dialogue with Dr. Pepper Hernandez today. She is a Naturopathic doctor. The conversation reminding me of the importance of caring for my body and soul in a healthy way. Gemini speaks of conversations and the exchange of ideas.

As you begin to watch the rhythm of the moon unfolding in the houses of your chart, you will begin to grow more conscious of the ways to use the energy arising in your life to engage in a natural flow.  We are very used to using signs and landmarks to judge distance we have traveled on the roads of our life. Astrology is a methodology for understanding the landmarks of the time of your life. The goal is to begin to understand the days of your life as they pass as a journey.

Astrology is the art of time.

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