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Castor and Pollux sounding the horn of being

Since it is the play of the moon to dialogue about what it is that makes our
experience of the universe let us use the moon to look at the myth of the
zodiac. After Taurus the bull comes Gemini the Twins, which is a mutable sign, meaning it transitions, holds creates variety, and reconciles opposites. It is an air sign, meaning it is cool, mental and transformative. Being a masculine sign it is assertive in its action and dynamic with an active and inquisitive quality.

The symbol of Gemini is the twins. The twins are a human sign that
symbolically embraces different ways of seeing the world and dialogue.  Gemini twins are Castor and Pollux. The Twins are in the joy of spring and so Gemini is a happy sign, but unlike the Taurus Bull it is not stable, so its reactions swing from positive to negative in rapid succession.

Gemini seeks to know things, and questions life, its own, and others. This constant questioning gives it an assertive personality and a quick wit.  Because of this questioning Gemini is the best communicator of all of the signs.  Gemini allows for the zodiac to transform out of the stable earth of Taurus and from the place of the birth of the spiritus mundi that has found its being in Taurus, begin to inquire who am I. In order for being to learn, it must begin to question itself. Mental health is the ability to question one’s actions and motivations to learn and evolve. For being to recognize itself it must begin to see other points of views.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury. Mercury takes on the nature its environment,
seeking to reconcile opposites. It is thus mutable and one of its archetypes is
the trickster as it is definition is always changing. Mercury is associated
with quicksilver as it has no definition Mercury makes people who enjoy
conversation, philosophy, traveling, moving, running, trading and the ideas of things. When the Moon is in Gemini, have conversations and learn, travel from here to there, watch fortunes suddenly change, be willing to change ideas, whether they are your own or others. Take care of your mind through education and learn through communication. Moon in Gemini is an opportunity to move out of mental ruts. Gemini being the nature of Mercury is best when it is mentally exploring ideas and free to do so. Gemini prefers conversation with others above all else as a means of coming to know the universe.

Gemini becomes confused when it becomes overly identified with multiple points of view and cannot reconcile them.  Other signs of the zodiac become impatient with the constant change and uncertainty that Gemini possesses as its very nature.   When the Moon is in Gemini be sure to be open to the possibility of change with warm hearted communication and joy.   

Being mercurial and mental, the moon which represents emotions being in Gemini can become emotionally confused. This is because emotions and intellect are different forces. One is coming from blood and flesh, the other is coming from the air. When the intellect cannot act without emotional approval, or the emotions are not understood by the intellect there is confusion.

A major work of the Gemini moon is learning how to trust emotions and not let thoughts confuse emotional understanding.  With
learning and knowledge the force of Gemini learns from its emotional
experiences and brings wisdom of communication to the world. This brings the spiritus mundi into the experience of being and nurturing which is the nature of Cancer, the next sign in the Zodiac.


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