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I would like to continue the theme of Astrology as incorporating the fourth dimension of timing to insure success in endeavors. One of the classical arts that was lost to the west was the use of astrology in determining when to see a doctor. Why is it that some healthy people have surgeries and everything goes wrong. Why is it that some sick people have surgeries and everything goes right. It is the art of timing that helps contribute to these differences. Astrological elections can be a determining factor in whether a medical procedure is successful or not.
It was even believed, and is worth contemplating and even researching if one had the time and funding, that even when you first go and see a doctor about an illness makes a difference in how well you will be cured, or whether the root of the disease can be addressed or will be addressed.

My mother, a very sweet yet fragile woman, was to have spinal reconstruction surgery. I looked at her chart and fortified Saturn, which rules the bones, made sure the Moon and the Ascendant were not afflicted, the rulers of her spirit and body. The doctors were a little upset but we came up with a good day. The result was the surgeon said it was the most successful spinal reconstruction surgery he had ever done.

In Surgeries one should always avoid the ascendant, or moon being afflicted by Mars. for example Cardano says : “It will be a fatal time to suffer an amputation or lose any member when the moon is in an oblique sign or under the Suns beams and opposed by Mars.” Here we see a strict admonition to avoid certain kinds of surgeries when astrology is engaged in certain aspects. It is a clear statement to watch the afflictions of Mars during a surgery. The moon rules liquid and Mars rules blood. The two square or opposed indicate injury and harm through excessive bleeding. Very simple then. Never go under the knife when Mars and Moon are square or opposed. That is my electional advice to you today, and it may save your life.

If you do have a major medical operation coming, you must consult a good astrologer to pick the date, give your doctors that extra edge. I insist, start using astrology to your benefit, in this way. Astrology is not just about whether you feel good today or why you don’t feel good, it is a very powerful tool that can greatly enhance your life.

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