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The moon in Leo is a time to shine.

Since it is the play of the moon to self identify as a unique creative principle in the universe let us use the moon to look at the myth of the
Leo in the zodiac. After Cancer the Crab comes Leo the Lion which is a fixed sign, meaning it stabilizes, is creative unto itself and illuminates the space around it. It is a fire sign, meaning it is hot, prone to expansion into space, and generative. Being a masculine sign it is proactive and engages in actions that are of its own accord.

The symbol of Leo is the Lion. The Lion is a proud beast who is unchallenged by the other animals of the plains. It roars with authority and hunts with certainty. Leo is so capable of its own authority it does not  readily understand the struggles of the rest of the Zodiac with identity. Leo likes being the pride of its land. Lions are very comfortable being the center of attention.  Leo is the middle of summer and is a fixed sign which is solid in its being and full of its own light. It does not seek to change, but rather create from its own understanding of the world.

Leo seeks to experience things, and is by its nature exploring what it is to be the center of the world. This exploration gives it a capacity to help others from a true place of strength.  Because of this self knowing, Leo has the confidence to rule the world.  Leo allows for the zodiac to experience self being and transcend self doubt and emotional insecurity. The Spiritus Mundi fulfills its completion into a journey of self identity and sees the world through individuated eyes. . In order for being to learn, being must experience identity, self cognition, and uniqueness. A strong sense of being allows for us to act from a true compassion and love, our insecurities dissolved in the warm light of the Sun.

Leo is ruled by the Sun. The Sun is the center and creates its own environmental experience. Our closest star, the Sun is the origination of the light of the planets, it is the generative impulse by which we know and exist in the world. By a steady movement, a heart beat of solar emanation by which our entire existence manifests. As the Sun sends forth this light with no need for feedback it is the embodiment of selfless giving. Because the Sun does not seek any other feedback it is the embodiment of selfishness.  The Sun is the energy of Yang and heaven, the light of the world, and thus is Leo.

The Nature of the Moon in Leo

The Sun makes people who enjoy action, creativity, display, and illuminate their environment. When the Moon is in Leo, engage in activities that are expressive, energetic, require confidence, and bring about clarity. It is a great time to set intentions, start creative projects, and cultivate vigor and enthusiasm. The Moon in Leo favors workings with gold. Moon in Leo is an opportunity to express yourself and adopt the stance of a heroic leader. Leo being an active generative sign is best when it is allowed to express who it is with total acceptance, and teach that to others.  Leo expresses its own truth fearlessly and when it does so in a selfless way becomes supremely respected and appreciated by all others in the Zodiac universe..

Leo becomes confused when it becomes so enamored with its own light that it fails to see others. For this reason Leo is a sign associated with arrogance and blind self absorption.  Other signs of the zodiac are frustrated by Leo’s inability to see anything other than its own will to be.  They teach the rest of the zodiac spontaneous action and freedom from self doubt. When the Moon is in Leo be sure to not ignore the needs of others or what they are trying to communicate to you.

Being fiery and creative, the moon in Leo is the singular creative principle, the center of the mandala of the zodiac. Thus it operates best from a place of being rather than having to know, but must learn to appreciate that others have as much right to be as they do. Being is challenged by others insecurities, not out of ill will but a complete lack of knowing what that is.  Fire signs just move, and unlike water signs, do not need emotional feedback to move.  The rest of the zodiac seeks feedback on how to be and move in the world. Thus the work of Leo is to become good at understanding the bright light of everyone else and helping to further the world into a fulfilled and empowered space of creative genius.

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