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The archetype of the mother goddess is deeply rooted in human culture and can be found in various forms across different traditions. One powerful symbol that embodies this archetype is the Moon. There are multifaceted connections between the Moon and the mother goddess archetype in folklore, myth, and astrology. By looking at the Moon’s significance in different cultural narratives and its representation in astrological symbolism, we can gain a deeper understanding of how this celestial body serves as a potent expression of feminine energy, nurturing qualities, and the cycles of life.

Folklore and Myth

Throughout folklore and mythologies from different cultures, the Moon frequently assumes the form of a goddess associated with the mother archetype. This is without a doubt because of the deep interdependence between the Moon and the cycles of fertility in a human woman. In Greek mythology, the goddess Artemis, often linked to the Moon, embodies the fierce protector and nurturing aspects of motherhood. She is depicted as a huntress, symbolizing her role as a provider and guardian. Similarly, the Roman goddess Diana shares similar qualities and represents the nurturing and protective nature of the mother goddess.

In various other cultural traditions, such as the Hindu tradition, the Moon is associated with the goddess Parvati, a motherly figure symbolizing fertility, love, and compassion. The Moon is also associated with Kali who is the destroyer, emphasizing the dark cycle of the Moon in the eternal cycle of destruction and regeneration that is part of the cycle the Moon embodies. In Norse mythology, the Moon is linked to the goddess Frigg, the mother of all gods and a compassionate figure associated with motherhood and family.

The Moon’s connection to the mother goddess archetype is also evident in folklore and folk beliefs. Lunar deities are often seen as the protectors of women, particularly during childbirth. They embody the cycles of life and are associated with fertility, nurturing, and the healing powers of the feminine energy.


In astrology, the Moon represents the mother goddess archetype through its association with the feminine principle, intuition, and emotions. The Moon in a birth chart reflects an individual’s emotional well-being, instincts, and capacity for nurturing. Its placement and aspects offer insights into one’s relationship with their mother or mother figures, their own nurturing qualities, and their ability to connect with others on an empathetic level. It also can represent the emotional body of a person, how they seek to be emotionally with in the world and assert themselves into others emotional lives.

I have found that Moons in fixed signs seek to create emotional stablity, in mutable signs seek to balance out there emotional needs with those of others, and cardinal signs the Moon seeks to create emotional change in the world around it. All three of these serve a purpose, as just like the Moon itself, they stir the continuum of emotional experience that we have as humans in our social and personal interactions.

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The Moon’s cyclical nature also mirrors the cycles of life, birth, and death. Its waxing and waning phases symbolize growth, transformation, and renewal. The Moon’s influence on tides, as well as its impact on fertility cycles in nature, further reinforces its connection to the mother goddess archetype. One great way of applying the Moon in astrological studies is the Progressed Lunar cycle which tracks 29 year periods of a persons discovery of novel ideas that appeal to their soul, the growth of those ideas into identity, and then the release of those ideas. Ideally we get three such cycles during our lives.

The Moon’s symbolism extends to the realm of the subconscious and intuition. It represents the depths of the psyche, the realm of emotions, and the connection to the collective unconscious. The Moon’s influence in astrology highlights the nurturing and caretaking aspects of the mother goddess archetype, encouraging individuals to embrace their emotional selves, develop their intuitive abilities, and connect with others in meaningful ways.

The Moon, with its rich symbolism and associations, serves as a potent representation of the mother goddess archetype in folklore, myth, and astrology. Across various cultural narratives, the Moon is depicted as a nurturing, protective, and compassionate deity embodying the essence of motherhood. In astrology, the Moon’s influence on our emotions, instincts, and intuitive capacities further reinforces its alignment with the mother goddess archetype. By exploring the Moon’s significance in these realms, we gain a deeper appreciation for the universal and timeless qualities represented by the archetype of the mother goddess, as embodied by the Moon. Happy Mothers day!

The Mother

Since the Moon embodies the feminine and receptive principle that allows for life on earth and human life, we must celebrate what it brings into our lives through regular monthly and seasonal appreciation. Honor your mother, with out her you would not have a body. Honor the Moon in your chart by recognizing where you nurture others and your self. Honor all mothers with love and appreciation, for their sacrifices and devotion to keeping the world going.

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