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Mercury Square Neptune

Mercury is square Neptune in the sky right now. This is a Poet, Visionary, and creative aspect at its best. At its worst, it can be debilitating and deceptive for the native. I personally have this aspect, and with it in the sky right now, I am observing my own mind, thoughts, and concepts and […]

Can you be an Astrologer?

I had a reading with the legendary Grand Pa of all current astrologers Rob Hand over the last year and we were talking about several career options. One of which was being an Astrologer. He said at that point in the conversation something along the lines of “well, what we found at Project Hindsight was […]

Mercury the philosophical trickster

The Sun is the soul, the moon is the spirit, to them we add mind. Mercury is mind. They are a trinity, for mind is the medium between the soul and the spirit. Mercury the divine being, who is also known as Hermes, is said in the old myths of the ancient occidental wisdom traditions […]

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio Guide

Mercury Rx in general. Mercury has gone retrograde in Scorpio and will be retrograde until November 20th. The concept of Mercury Rx has become so familiar to so many people that it is up there with Sun signs as a simple access point into astrology. For those who enjoy the mythos of the stars and […]

Mercury in Sagittarius

Mercury, the swift one, moved into Sagittarius today. Mercury ranks low on its impact as it transits through the chart. His speed and constant companionship to the Sun ensures that we experience every facet of his light through the year. Yet, what is Mercury in Sagittarius. Mercury is how we think, communicate, and fundamentally how […]

Blame it on Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde is upon us again. It started late in the eve on the 16th and will last until Dec. 6th. Mercury retrograde is seasonal. It comes three times a year, providing us with a ready excuse to blame the universe for all our ills. Like the rhythm of water falling on stone in a […]

Moon in Scorpio and the Naughty Money Man

Scorpio is associated with Secrets. Right now the moon is in Scorpio and it opposed the conjunction of Venus and Mercury in Taurus last night. What secrets have been revealed we might ask. Scorpio is also associated with sex, the sexual organs. That is because it is the natural ruler of the 8th house which […]