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Set your targets during Mercury in Sagittarius

Mercury, the swift one, moved into Sagittarius today. Mercury ranks low on its impact as it transits through the chart. His speed and constant companionship to the Sun ensures that we experience every facet of his light through the year. Yet, what is Mercury in Sagittarius.

Mercury is how we think, communicate, and fundamentally how we trade energy. It is the electron planet. The producer and ruler of electricity. Its swift movement creates polarity. Polarity creates trade of place, and conversation. Mercury is thus how we know.

We have to bridge the gap between self and other to know what true. Our own views of the world are bound by our perception. There are other people having perceptions. we need to know what others think and feel in order to live harmoniously in the world and grow. This requires an exchange of energy.

Sometimes that exchange of energy is good, sometimes it is hard. As Mercury enters Sagittarius it is leaving Scorpio. Communication in Scorpio can be hard. It is coming from a place of deep uncomfort. Communication in Sagittarius is quite different, it is coming from a place of Hope. The moment that Mercury enters Sagittarius the world becomes a more hopeful place. We become more inclined to look towards the positive and to build the future. Sagittarius is a fire sign, so we talk more and feel more energy and enthusiasm for our life.

As Mercury moves through Sagittarius, be sure to set in place plans for the year. When it sneaks into Capricorn January 5th we will be ready to ground the plans and ambitions into solid actions.

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