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I had a reading with the legendary Grand Pa of all current astrologers Rob Hand over the last year and we were talking about several career options. One of which was being an Astrologer. He said at that point in the conversation something along the lines of “well, what we found at Project Hindsight was that most people who can succeed at being an astrologer have Mercury co-present with the Lot of Fortune or the 11th sign from the Lot of Fortune, the reason being that the 11th from the Lot of Fortune is where one finds joy in one’s fated work.” At least that is how I remember it. Actually, I quickly forgot about that part of the reading.

Until Mr. Hand expressed the same thing in a conversation with the steel minded ninja trap beat scholar Chris Brennan in their mutual conversation about the bane of Whole Sign House advocates the Whole Sign House system banshee Deborah Houlding after she put her nine-inch deep nails into the hornet hive of Robert Schmidt’s zombie cult following and invoked their unrelenting wrath. (I personally use Whole Sign Houses under most conditions, and feel that Roberts Work was excellent for opening up our understanding of Astrology) (Video Here, I think it is worth watching even if you use Whole Signs)

In that conversation (Video Here, you should watch it if you are into astrology), Rob brought up again that any good astrologer who can make dinero off the craft would have Mercury copresent with or ruling the Part of Fortune or the 11th sign from Fortune. At which point the exalted Astrological Twitterati who indulge me with the kindness of not blocking my middle age white cis male American ass all started fondly acknowledging that they have such conditions present in their charts, and such conditions must be necessary for being a good honest astrologer who can make a good honest living at the craft.

This was indeed troubling to me, as I do not have those significators in my chart even though I hang out a shingle proudly offering my astrological services to the world and indeed have a good reputation with many clients who find value in my services. Some of whom have come back to me year after year for over a decade now. So I have to ask, what is going on here?

First I would like to break down what is being said with this aphorism, “For they who wish to be a successful astrologer will find Mercury with fortune or the 11th from fortune, or under rulership thereof…” What is being said is that Mercury, none other than the God Hermes (or Goddess depending on their mood because Mercury was and always has been fluid…so to speak) who is truly the God of Astrologers should be highlighted in an Astrologers chart. Everyone can agree to this. Now the Part of Fortune is what we are given by the world, so it makes sense that you would have an advantage if you were given that connection to the Deity by Fortune at birth. If not with Fortune, then the 11th from Fortune, which is the house of the Good Daimon, or in theurgic terms, “what your soul is going to force down your throat for the good of your life”. I mean, you get the picture about how that would make being an astrologer or making money from being an astrologer easier right?

The question becomes, if you do not have that, are you shit out of luck if you want to be an astrologer? My proposal is no. There are other routes. Here are some alternate routes for us who are not in the “Really Fucking Lucky being Born an Astrologer” club. First is we know the Part of Fortune is what you have been given by fate. The Part of Spirit is what you make for yourself. This means you can make yourself an astrologer if you have Mercury co present with or ruling the Lot of Spirit, or 11th from the Lot of Spirit. Step forward if you can refute this logic using traditional means, for you are then IGNORING what the Lot of Spirit implies, and astrologers who do that are probably not reading this blog post anyways, so the halls of protest must be empty and silent in this case.

In my situation, I actually do have this, Mercury is max dignified 11th from Spirit ruling the ruler of the MC and 10th, so maybe I am biased that I can make myself into an astrologer. Thus, I wish to say “this is the way.” But, now I have only set two conditions, one involving the LOF which endears natural talent and one involving the LOS which endears earned talent. (Hah, you really should apply that to your client delineations… Don’t trust me though, read a thousand living human charts and help out those people who come to you)

This is still a limited definition though, because if Mercury rules astrology, should not Mercury in aspect to the Ascendant, the MC, the ruler of the MC or the 10th also imply such, yes it should in my opinion. Tell me why not if you do not agree.

I would like to add one further caveat, and this is something that should never be overlooked. The term Astrologer is actually a very very vast term. Yes it means “one who has knowledge of the stars as a profession” but what that is is huge. Most astrologers I know who have a good understanding of the art and natural technical supremacy for it have the POF condition mentioned, but I have recieved readings from a lot of them and they are not always good at counseling the soul of an individual.

In fact, many astrologers are quite neurotic and that does come across in their teachings, lectures, the way they fight over their techniques, and their readings. I kid you not. This is self evident to anyone who examines the field. Being a good astrologer in my opinion can be just technical if that is your only concern, but if you are talking to other people about it, you damn well better be good at counseling Souls too. I do not believe counseling souls is indicated by Mercury(Hermeticism). More likely that is indicated by Moon (empathy), Venus(agape), or Jupiter(gnosis) placements because these are needed to counsel souls.

I would then propose you could have a human who has strong Moon, Venus, or Jupiter placement who is a great astrologer. Not because they are technically great, but because their intuition, empathy, and understanding of how to counsel souls is great and their method of conveying that is, you guessed it, Astrology. Now if we broaden the definition to this and say you should have a good Mercury for understanding the esoteric arts of Mercury, but you could also have a good Venus, Jupiter, or Moon placement copresent with, or ruling the Part Of Fortune or the Part of Spirit, or the 11th from those places, or ruling the 10th or the MC, you will come to understand there is a very big tent for who can be an astrologer.

All you need to do is find good teachers, study the art, meditate, learn humanistic psychology, and read charts to enter this tent. I welcome you who do with wide open and loving arms.

I leave you with the chart of the most well-read astrologer in the Modern Times. Linda Goodman, who no doubt, knew how to connect with people’s souls as a master of her astrological craft. Mercury is suspiciously not involved.

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