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Mercury is square Neptune in the sky right now. This is a Poet, Visionary, and creative aspect at its best. At its worst, it can be debilitating and deceptive for the native. I personally have this aspect, and with it in the sky right now, I am observing my own mind, thoughts, and concepts and doing self-reflection to understand how this planetary aspect works better.

Broken down into their individual planetary dances, we see these two as a dancing pair in the following way. Mercury represents communication, logical thinking, intellectual pursuits, and the way we process information, trades, transactions, and information, just to name a few. It governs our mental agility, language skills, and rational thought processes. I like to think of Mercury as an electron, as an information carrier. That information is either in your brain, or out of your brain. A bus carries information in terms of people, and Mercury rules transportation. Your neurons carry information in terms of thoughts, and that is ruled by Mercury too.

Neptune, on the other hand, is associated with spirituality, imagination, intuition, dreams, and the realm of the subconscious. It reflects our capacity for empathy, creativity, and connection to the higher realms. Dreams and intuition are also principles of information, where is that information coming from, it is coming from a mysterious vast other. This is part of what Neptune does, it carries information from the divine wholeness of space into the personal.

When these two planets form a square aspect, there is tension and conflict between the rational mind (Mercury) and the intuitive, imaginative realm (Neptune). Because of this tension what is true becomes questioned. For a person who lives with this as part of their natal configuration, there is a tremendous tension that arises in their mind because of the uncertainty of what is true. This is usually a result of having a parent who either spun tall tales, or was hiding the truth of their reality from their children. In both cases the child would experience a dissonance between what they were being told, and what their actual experience was.

This can also become expressed through mental illness or psychotropic substances, where the experience of normal reality is subsumed by perceptions that are beyond the rational and ordinary. A native with this in their chart will attract these experiences and people who communicate these experiences to them.

The final way this can express is through a vast spiritual understanding. The challenge with saying this is that often times a vast spiritual understanding can be misunderstood for detachment or spiritual bypassing. Again we find the theme of what the truth of a matter is is very hard to pin down. Because the native with this aspect lives in this experience, it is normalized for them and when others encounter them, they encounter that uncertainty.

For the native with this aspect, the remediation is a lifelong work of self-reflection and developing good motivations. The native will always be transmitting and receiving the mystic and the uncertain, so they have to find a way to integrate and use that to be of benefit to themselves or others. If they do not succeed in this, then they can slip into mental illness, depression, addiction, or deception as methods of working with this aspect.

If the aspect is integrated into a vision of self reflection and wholeness, this aspect allows for the development of compassion, an ability to hold space for other people, and deep spiritual insight. Still, when the aspect is activated, the result will create a dream like experience of uncertainty, the native will be used to it, but those around them may not be.

A productive outlet for Mercury Square Neptune, and one that seems to provide a lot of success for those working with this aspect, is to channel it into creative arts. Because the Native is capable of pulling down the creative energies of the world’s soul into their experience and expressing those through art. When you look at the charts of those who have success with this aspect, creativity, and meditation as big parts of their personality are highlighted.

Here are a few people who have this aspect in there charts:

Bob Dylan, Alex Jones, Donald Trump, Jim Carry, Tom Brady, Abraham Lincoln and Liberace.

The mystery is not to be known

Yet I whisper it
from my own lips to your ears
perhaps it is not your mystery
or mine?

No, it is a third mystery,
a white dove
flying between us
that we may never touch
but always know
each other
in this ocean of forever.

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