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Do not think of Retrograde as a curse.

Mercury Rx in general.

Mercury has gone retrograde in Scorpio and will be retrograde until November 20th. The concept of Mercury Rx has become so familiar to so many people that it is up there with Sun signs as a simple access point into astrology. For those who enjoy the mythos of the stars and planets having a say in the experiences of life it is a great way to contemplate their journey through the year. Just like Sun Sign astrology though, Mercury Rx is too general to really be effecting people on the level that is being ascribed to it.

Mercury is in Rx motion sixty days a year. That is one sixth of the year. It can hardly be said that all car and travel breakdowns, all business deals gone sour, and all contracts negated originate during those sixty days and no other time. However, if during a Mercury Rx and its shadow period you have Mercury transiting one of the significant points in your chart, you may experience just such a thing.

The following analogy seems to poetically describe this. Mercury Rx is a general astrological experience, similar to the Sun or Moon traveling through the signs, or outer planet transits. They are like the tides of an ocean, they create emotional tones that everyone experiences to some degree, but they are not the waves, that toss your ship about.

How to know if you will be effected

The waves that toss your ship around are your transits, progressions, and timelords. These are dependent upon aspects to five key places in your chart. Your Ascendant, Sun, Moon, Midheaven, and Part of Fortune. When these are aspected, you personally experience waves crashing into your boat for better or worse.

With Mercury now RX in Scorpio will it swallow you in its tide, or are you safe on the shore? If you are in the waters because it is in aspect to your ascendant, sun, moon, chart ruler, midheaven or part of fortune you will need to surf the waves of this retrograde. Which is what the art of astrology is exactly about.

In general if you were to initiate a business contract, while Mercury was ruling or aspecting the ruler of the Ascendant or chart ruler you would end up having to surf this retrograde wave. Those are choppy! So you want your events to start, or your contracts to be signed when the ruler of the Ascendant for the event, and your ruler of the Ascendant is free of being aspected by Mercury while it is in its retrograde motion.

If you were to travel, or to purchase digital equipment during this time and Mercury is in aspect to those points, you would also be more likely to experience the upsets that we associate with Mercury Retrograde.

Mercury in Rx in Scorpio

I have already heard a number of people say to me that arguments are full of misunderstandings since Mercury went Rx in Scorpio. Mercury Rx in combative Scorpio is going to love starting fights and creating hurt feelings through miscommunications. At the same time there is tremendous benefit in doing a deep dive into your emotions during this retrograde. Look at how you are self sabotaging or “stinging yourself” and make the resolution to root out just one bad habit during this Retrograde. If you have separated from someone you love because of an emotional understanding, this retrograde period is an opportunity to reconcile.

We will likely see a number of hidden misdeeds surface during this retrograde as Scorpio is the keeper of secrets and Rx loves to reveal. Whenever Mercury is Rx it is important to give yourself lots of time to travel. The chances of missing airplane connections goes up. Also, drive safely and no texting or drinking while driving. This is true in general but can be even more disastrous during retrograde. Auto accidents can increase while Mercury is Rx. No, I have not done the data on it, but it makes philosophical sense, does it not.

Anyways, stay safe and happy Halloween.

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