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Kissing the Blarney stone for power of spells

To spell, is to craft words, because words craft concepts, and concepts craft our realities. So to spell is to cast a spell, by which you effect how you and others perceive reality. This is the power of the bardic tradition, and also your tweets and facebook posts. Everything you write is a sigil. Mercury and spelling go together to unite the intention of our spirit and soul.

It is also a moment of an astrological election by which you are creating anew the universe that no only are you living in, but are also sharing with everyone else. Sometimes your spelling is invoking the good, sometimes your spelling is cursing. These incantations are endless.

In the tradition of Buddha Dharma I had the good fortune to be taught, it is said that all speech is mantra. This is a meditation on how all words are indeed enlightened words manifesting from emptiness and awareness. They are pure when we hear them and pure when we speak them, because there is no self uttering them or hearing them. Relatively though, they do create effects, this is the karma of speech. Because speech has karma, we should be conscious of how we use it.

At the least we should be conscious of our spelling, just as we should be conscious of the spelling we allow into our minds through our reading, listening, and watching. At the writing of this, Mercury has just entered Pisces. Mercury rules speech, the transmission of ideas and thus spell craft. Pisces rules the waters that connect us, symbolically Pisces is the end result of the zodiac or the fruition of understanding life as universal principles.

Our words in life are a river that we are pouring from the glaciers of all who came before us into the ocean of all who are to follow us. Sometimes our words are muddy, some times pouring over rocks that will not move, sometimes, crystal clear and full of life.

Our spells our pure and impure, we are pure and impure, but through our spell work we are clarifying the water of our own consciousness and souls. Some come into the earth with the purpose of creating spells to guide the Über soul of humanity with new spells.

Others of us will spend our entire lives just crafting spells of self hypnotism, it matters not, we are all spelling out the world story. Every spell is a thread in the fabric of the world, every spell is magic, the spelling of every word is creation, and you are great.

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