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Four approaches to astrology

In studying astrology, it has crossed my mind that there are four distinct operative modes that we engage in when we dip our toes into the cool waters of this ancient art. The first is observational. The second is predictive. The third is psychological. The fourth is intentional. Observational The first is correlating astrological movements […]

Synastry Relationship Astrology

if each day a flower climbs up to your lips to seek me ah my love, ah my ownin me all that fire is repeated in me nothing is extinguished or forgottenmy love feeds on your love, beloved and as long as you liveit will be in your armswithout leaving mine.” ~ Pablo Naruda In astrology, there are many […]

Mercury Square Neptune

Mercury is square Neptune in the sky right now. This is a Poet, Visionary, and creative aspect at its best. At its worst, it can be debilitating and deceptive for the native. I personally have this aspect, and with it in the sky right now, I am observing my own mind, thoughts, and concepts and […]

Venus in Libra

That goddess of goodness, the sweet and sublime kiss of pleasure Venus is entering Libra today. She is a queen in Libra, where the whole world aids her in her bidding. What is it she likes, of course, she likes beautiful sounds, soft, enticing, and pleasing to the eye clothing, wine, feasts, romance, and sensual […]

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio Guide

Mercury Rx in general. Mercury has gone retrograde in Scorpio and will be retrograde until November 20th. The concept of Mercury Rx has become so familiar to so many people that it is up there with Sun signs as a simple access point into astrology. For those who enjoy the mythos of the stars and […]