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Astrology and Politics have always been connected. Powerful politicians use astrology to make business moves and calculate their actions. Even more so, astrologers are in themselves historians as whenever something historical happens, they look to the stars to understand what happened, often times gaining unique perspectives on events in real time.

Today October 3 2023 the House of Representatives voted to oust Speaker McCarthy from his leadership of Congress. Historical? This is the first time this has happened in US History. But why now? Here is a quick break down of today’s astrology compared to the United States Birth Chart. I am using the Sibly Chart put forth by Ed Kohoun and the chart over Washington D.C. During the event. There are a number of US Birth Charts put forth by various astrologers, they all have interesting justifications, I am using this one because I was recently working with it for a Masonic Conference presentation. It works for today!

The Set Up

In a fascinating turn of events Representative Matt Gaetz, filed the motion to vacate the speaker position exactly as the Moon was conjunct Caput Algol at 26º Taurus. Caput Algol is the star that represents head of Medusa in the Perseus constellation. This star is famous for being related to both the Royal English Family and beheading. By filing the motion at that time, it became obvious that the US congress was going to lose its head (leader.)

The Aspects

Here are the aspects I want to point out. Saturn is currently retrograde in Pisces. Saturn creates things that endure in astrology. Pisces as a water sign shows instability of something to endure, even more so when it is retrograde. It is applying in conjunction to this US Sibly Chart Ascendant. This shows an undoing of authority and its ability to endure. McCarthy lost his position as a ruler here.

Saturn rules the 11th house of Congress, so it is an inability of the ruler of Congress to endure. Saturn is currently opposite by 1º of the Fixed Star Regulus, the Ruler. Does this show an impossible opposition to leadership of the Congress?

Pluto is stationing retrograde conjunct within 22 arc minutes the natal Pluto for the US Sibly chart. This can be seen as a struggle for power as Pluto represents power in a chart. I have long argued that the US Pluto return is not about an over civil war or the destruction of American power in the world. There are many astrologers who have been arguing that out of there own political beliefs, but I believe that has not born out. What I have consistently argued is that the Pluto Return for the US is about the loss of White Male Protestant as the tribal power of the US.

The 11th house again is congress and what we saw today is that a coalition of White Male Protestant Power, that is the Republican Party, is not longer capable of ruling itself or having power over the Congress as it is. Pluto will go direct on October 10th 2023, I see that as the first possible off ramp of this governing crises in Congress. Although better timing would be October 14th after the Eclipse in Libra.

The really exciting one for me is that Mars conjunct the South Node in Libra is transiting square to Mercury in Cancer. Mars severs. The South Node in Libra is an old form of balance. Mercury is ruling the 7th house representing partnerships, and the 4th house representing home. An old form of balance of our country (4th house) through agreed upon partnership (7th house) was severed. This ties into the theme of the turmoil the United States is going through as a result of the Pluto Return shaking up and destroying White Male Protestant rule over the mechanisms of power in the United States.

Where to go from here?

What we will witness is over the next few weeks Pluto will start to move away from the natal US Pluto. I would like to believe this will have the country finally begin to move forward again after nearly a decade of outer planet turmoil by transit to the US Sibly chart. I find it hard to believe that a new leader can be found before the Solar Eclipse on the 14th which is Saros Series South 7.

Saros Series South 7 is delineated by Bernadette Brady as being about ” The individual experiencing this eclipse will find that huge obstacles will suddenly and easily clear or, on the negative side a pending potential crises will suddenly manifest and move through [ the country ] his or her life very quickly.” I feel like this really strikes a chord with this event, the crises is going to move American Politics in a dynamic way which will have surprisingly long term ramifications. My sincere hope and prayers are that they are for the good, for the values of democracy, humanism, and equality that the US was ideally founded on, and still is working on living up to.

What are your thoughts on this event, and the astrology involved? Leave a comment below.

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