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if each day a flower climbs up to your lips to seek me 
ah my love, ah my own
in me all that fire is repeated 
in me nothing is extinguished or forgotten
my love feeds on your love, beloved and as long as you live
it will be in your arms
without leaving mine.
” ~ Pablo Naruda

In astrology, there are many ways of looking at relationships. One of the best methods I have found is the use of Synastry charts. Synastry is where you look at the relationship between the charts of both people involved in the relationship. This can be any relationship, as strong deep, and meaningful as a bonded long-term marriage or as fleeting and flickering as an incidental encounter.

Either way, each person is chart will interact with the other person’s chart. This is to say all that goes into defining what makes a person and the entirety of their psychology as expressed by their astrology chart, will interact with the other person and all that makes up their astrology. It is like two rivers coming together at the bottom of a canyon, waves and currents blend into a new thing, and that new thing is the relationship itself.

Synastry Readings

Synastry readings are very important for understanding not only how a relationship works, but also how to make a relationship work. In a synastry chart you look at the conjunctions, sextiles, squares, trines, and oppositions that charts make between the planets, luminaries, and chart points that you find valuable.

For example, if you are looking at an intimate relationship you definitely want harmony between the Sun, the Moon, Venus, and Mars. If you are looking at a relationship that you want to last even when difficulties arise harmony between the North and South Nodes and planets are important, as well as harmonious aspects between Saturn and personal planets in the two charts. These are some of the simplest aspects.

Another thing that I have found in giving readings over the last 20 years is that often times when transiting planets aspect synastry points in the two charts, the people will experience transformative changes in the relationship, for better or worse depending on how they respond to those transits as a couple.

Personal experience

As an astrologer, almost the moment I meet someone I can tell if there are oppositions, squares, trines, or conjunctions between our two charts. It comes across in the way we talk, how we agree, what we communicate to each other, and how the relationship unfolds. One of the advantages of studying synastry between charts is they help you understand how to negotiate a relationship well.

My own marriage has incredibly positive synastry and this has borne out with us becoming more loving and understanding as the relationship progressesses. There are many reasons why couples get together and stay together, so good synastry is not absolutly required to have a long term marriage, but it sure helps! If you don’t have good synastry though, it becomes even more important to have an understanding of the synastry in a relationship as it helps you navigate allowing each other to grow and become better humans through the different styles of thinking about the world and communicating.

Quick Key Points

Sun and Moon Synastry denotes friendship, familiarity, and emotional styles.

Mars and Venus Synastry denotes passion and sensuality styles.

Mercury Synastry denotes communication styles.

Jupiter Synastry denotes the shared dreams, hopes, and ideals.

Saturn Synastry denotes strength of bonds and dominating styles.

Uranus Synastry denotes the style of adventures and surprises that will occur in the relationship.

Neptune Synastry denotes either the relaxation and space that a relationship provides or the sense of isolation and sadness that it can create.

Pluto Synastry denotes the power dynamic that a relationship will express, this is also true of Saturn Synastry.

Nodal Synastry denotes the fated nature of the relationship.

Case Example

Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers

Fred and Ginger were perhaps one of the most iconic dance duo’s of the mid 20th century, both their energetic and magnetic attraction to one another and their ability to dance as a seamless whole made them and an incredible dynamic duo that inspired a belief in the power of romance and dance. What can you tell by looking at this chart if you apply Synastry relationship astrology to it?

I quickly notice that Gingers Saturn conjuncts Fred Astaire’s Sun. Right there we see the strong bond and karma we spoke of.

Their Jupiters are conjunct, which shows that they have a common ideal, conjunct in Scorpio to be exact, which shows a common passion and approach to passion.

Fred’s Mars is Trine Ginger’s Venus, this shows that passion and romance between the two of them.

A key thing to note is that there career really took off when Jupiter conjuncted there natal Jupiter conjunction in 1934 and 1935, at which time they were in the highest grossing film RKO ever produced.

There is so much more to see in this chart. What are some of the things you notice when looking at it?

If you would like a Synastry reading.

I do offer synastry readings. You can order one here, or if you also want to explore more about the technique and learn how to engage in it yourself, please book a reading for coaching on the technique.

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Much love.

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