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Come and taste the sweet nectar of Venus in Libra before she moves into Scorpio

That goddess of goodness, the sweet and sublime kiss of pleasure Venus is entering Libra today. She is a queen in Libra, where the whole world aids her in her bidding. What is it she likes, of course, she likes beautiful sounds, soft, enticing, and pleasing to the eye clothing, wine, feasts, romance, and sensual pleasures of the most subtle and erotic sorts

She will sweetly and seductively transit this sign in the Tropical Zodiac until October 23rd when she will become highly erotically charged in Scorpio just in time for Halloween.

I would not be lying to you if I were to say, maximize aesthetic pleasure over the next 3 weeks to harmonize with the gifts that the Goddess of dance and art seeks to bestow upon you. Where she is now, she will provide for you unfolding blessings like satin sheets and soft moans. She is a doey-eyed deer with a moist nose nuzzling you as you drink wine in the Autumn afternoon, her blessings are here for your cornucopia, tilted, just so, that it may flow into your outstretched and eager hands one drip of honey at a time.

One can speculate on how you will reap these rewards by the house Tropical Libra rules, and be certain these rewards are yours, as long as a greater transit in your chart or the world around you (good god look at that monster Hurricane, charged with the power of Jupiter stomping the teeth in of the normally Venusian Florida) But I digress as I am wont to do while the muse has my tongue and my mind dreams of the soft touch of Venus.

Let me sing you a little song about Venus in LIbra.

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