The Jupiter Return Chart

and how to read it. The Jupiter return occurs roughly every 12 years. It is a chart, like the solar return that can give insight into how the native is going to experience the cycle of which it partakes. What kind of experience does it describe? Based upon its interaction with the natal chart it […]

The Moon in myth and astrology

The archetype of the mother goddess is deeply rooted in human culture and can be found in various forms across different traditions. One powerful symbol that embodies this archetype is the Moon. There are multifaceted connections between the Moon and the mother goddess archetype in folklore, myth, and astrology. By looking at the Moon’s significance […]

Lunar Eclipse at 15º Scorpio

In astrology, the moon is associated with emotions, intuition, and subconscious patterns, while Scorpio is considered a sign associated with transformation, intensity, and depth.

The astrology of Tucker Carlson

The base chart There are few figures in the American media market as polarizing as Tucker Carlson. His brand of “anchor man” plays very well into the politics of fear and division that has been a hallmark of FOX News of which he was a central part for the last 6 years. During that time […]

Horary Astrology (how to ask the question)

Horary astrology is a method of reading a chart that is geared to answering a single question. This method is one of the four classic types of chart readings which are: The way one engages in horary astrology is just as important from the view of the astrologer as the question itself. I thought that […]

Meditation upon Saturn

Saturn as a planet represents both truth and deceit in an astrology chart, contemplating it shows the a path to better self knowledge.

Can you be an Astrologer?

I had a reading with the legendary Grand Pa of all current astrologers Rob Hand over the last year and we were talking about several career options. One of which was being an Astrologer. He said at that point in the conversation something along the lines of “well, what we found at Project Hindsight was […]

Astrology Prediction Super Bowl LVII Chiefs vs. Eagles

The Super Bowl is today and as I do every year, I am going to use astrology to predict the winner. Some years my predictions have been spot on, and other years I have not lived up to the task, so take this with a grain of salt, I would be rich if I could […]