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The Quincunx in Astrology

The Quincunx is the third of the minor aspects in our series on minor aspects. It is a measure of 150º between the two planets. The glyph for the Quincunx looks like a triangle with a line on top of it. In traditional astrology, it is the far inconjunct and represents signs that do not […]

The SemiSextile in Astrology

The SemiSextile The SemiSextile is considered a minor aspect in astrology. The major aspects, the common astrologers trusted tools, are called the Ptolemaic aspects. The are familiar to most even casual sunny weather practitioners of astrology. They are, the conjunction, the square, the opposition, the trine, and the sextile. After that you may be shocked, […]

Picking your House Colors with Astrology

I was recently asked by Redfin to submit an article on choosing paint colors aligned with Zodiac signs. They took a snippet for their piece on the Colors of the Zodiac. You can read the Redfin article on the Colors of the Zodiac here. Here is a general excerpt from the article: Embark on a […]

The Story of Russell Wilson and the North Node.

Last week the Denver Broncos released Russell Wilson from his contract with them. In doing so, they took a tremendous financial loss as the way his contract is structured he will be paid over 39 million dollars by the Denver Broncos this year not to play for them. Personally I would love to be paid […]

Taylor Swift and her mysterious birth time

I want to write about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce and their synastry chart. To put together the Synastry chart for a couple, I find that it is best to have at least one solid birth time. Unortunately, Travis Kelce’s birth time is not public. We have a birth time for Taylor Swift, but the […]

Four approaches to astrology

In studying astrology, it has crossed my mind that there are four distinct operative modes that we engage in when we dip our toes into the cool waters of this ancient art. The first is observational. The second is predictive. The third is psychological. The fourth is intentional. Observational The first is correlating astrological movements […]