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Last week the Denver Broncos released Russell Wilson from his contract with them. In doing so, they took a tremendous financial loss as the way his contract is structured he will be paid over 39 million dollars by the Denver Broncos this year not to play for them. Personally I would love to be paid 39 Million to not play football for someone. But in the context of Russell Wilson who identifies with being one of the greatest Quarter Backs in history, and contemplates the legacy and mark he will leave on the sport, being released at such a cost must be humiliating, and humiliating in a very public way. As with all things that happen in a persons life, when a major life event occurs there is always an astrological marker that explains what happened and why in a way that is clear and makes sense. I went to Russell Wilsons chart to look it up and found there is such a marker! It is the North Node, and it has a story to tell. The story is instructive in learning about what the North Node does both from an evolutionary soul perspective and from a predictive perspective. Let us take a look!

Jupiter conjunct the North Node

In February 2022 Jupiter was in Pisces and crossed over Russell Wilson’ North Node on Feb 10th. In the opaque world of the NFL things are done by backroom deals and the public may not know about them for weeks. With no doubt the mechanism had been set in place by then, 3 days before Super Bowl 56 when the L.A. Rams would grind down the Cincinatti Bengals to secure a another NFC West Super Bowl title. What would be the effect of Jupiter crossing the North Node in the 2nd house of Russell Wilson’s chart? With in 4 weekes he was traded to the Denver Broncos where he would become the highest payed quarterback in the league on a super player friendly contract making upwards of 50 million a year. He must have been sky high! That is what Jupiter will do though, it brings about an expanded sense of self, what one can do, and an unlimited sense of self. It is delightful that at that time Russell Wilson had adopted the moniker “Mr. Unlimited”. Jupiter on the North Node had brought him to a place of incomparable Hubris, but Jupiter would not stay there long and his fall would soon begin. Pay attention, when Jupiter is conjunct the North Node, check your Hubris!

In particular Russell Wilson is susceptible to hubris as his Sun and Mercury are conjunct in Sagittarius in the 11th house, ruled by a Jupiter in exaltation in the 5th house in Gemini. Yes, benefics opposed the planets they rule still give their goodness to them. I humbly spit on the grave of ancient astrologers who argue otherwise and offer up Russell Wilsons chart as my example of truth. As another side note, looking at this chart I notice a max combustion Gemini ruling that Jupiter, and max combustion means hard to see whatever that planet imparts. Mercury implies communication, and it is well known that Russell Wilson is absolutely tone def when it comes to communication and the effects of his speech on his team mates and the fan base of football teams he finds himself on. Interestingly enough his Sun is conjunct Alcyone which without a doubt gives him the fixated discipline that has turned him into a pro quarterback.

Two tortured years in Denver.

After hitting the jackpot and leaving Seattle in a flurry of disrespect that has to this day created a fan base that despises him, Russell Wilson embarked on his career in Denver, which fell … flat. That is a generous word for two losing seasons which would leave him sacked. Literally. The first year did not go so bad, he was not blamed for the teams failure, rather the Head Coach Nathaniel Hackett was blamed and fired. However this year is Russell Wilsons 12th house profected year, and ruled by Saturn. This implies that Saturns transits would be more impactful for him this year to, and remember we are going tob looking at Saturn transiting the North Node. The other side of this is Saturn represents a truth about your reality in the chart. The reality that Russell Wilson is facing this year is that he does not make the team, the team makes him, and Denver was not a team that could make him.

Saturn conjuncts the North Node

This brings us to the events of the last week. Saturn was conjunct Russell Wilson’s North Node. Jupiter expanded his hubris, and the truth of Saturn came in to humble him. But what is the effect that Saturn brings?

It does depend on what places Saturn rules in the Native chart, but I have found it in my own chart to indicate a time where one is called to a duty of the soul, which may entail a few years of discomfort as ones life goals, orientations, and previous self beliefs are shifted. Of course this depends on the Progressions, SA directions, Time Lords, and Transits that accompany it as to how that will play out. I err not though in saying that it embarks a 28 year cycle for the duty of the soul that must be engaged in. The stronger one jumps into that engagement, the quicker and less painful the dynamic of integrating it is. We can affirm that this is a 12th year profection year, ruled by Saturn .

In the case of Russell Wilson a primary motivator for him with the North Node is to expand his monetary assets as much as possible. He pushed this to the limit when Jupiter was in his second house conjunct his North Node and he recieved up until that time the highest quarterback contract in history. A souls values are not financial though, so this was an act of hubris, and as Saturn conjuncts his North Node he is being shown the limitations of acting from that motivation, my guess is that it will reset him into more charitable work and an understanding that fulfillment is found by using his resources and values (2nd house) for caring for underprilaged children and supporting their athletic careers or something of that sort as his 2nd and 5th are linked. Or he could dive deeper into the entertainment industry. Either way, Saturn is asking him to not be as concerned with his own wealth, but to see wealth as an energy that is an act of service, indicated by him having Saturn in the 12th in his natal chart.

The result is he is fired, he is humbled. Now two fan bases hate him. A man who thinks of himself as a positive force in the world is a reviled figure in the sport he loves. Will this last, no. Next year he will enter his profected rising sign. He will redefine himself with another team, being paid by Denver at a vet minimum. He will be a hero again, but his soul has demanded that he moves away from considering profit as the mark of god given sign of a life well lived. The question is, will he be able to listen to this truth?

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