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I was recently asked by Redfin to submit an article on choosing paint colors aligned with Zodiac signs. They took a snippet for their piece on the Colors of the Zodiac. You can read the Redfin article on the Colors of the Zodiac here.

Here is a general excerpt from the article: Embark on a celestial journey where the vibrant tapestry of the cosmos intertwines with the hues that paint our world. In this Redfin article we were featured in, we will delve into the mystical connection between zodiac signs and the shades that resonate most deeply with each individual. So whether you are an Aries renting an apartment in Providence, RI, or a Taurus living in a townhouse in Cambridge, MA, join us as we unravel the secrets of the universe, one color at a time. Be sure to check out Astro-Hues: Unveiling the Color Palette for Each Zodiac Sign.

There are general color palettes that one can use, but I went into specific colors with a lust and zeal for graphic and web design. That is why I dropped the hex codes into the article for you. Enjoy!

Choosing a color to paint a house is a daunting task, the vibrations of the colors will affect your mood, the mood of the family, and if it is the outside you are painting the colors you chose can affect the vibe of the whole neighborhood. Fortunately, astrology can help one choose the right colors. Picking a color is easy based on your Zodiac sign. Remember you can choose the zodiac sign based on the placement of your Moon, Sun, or Ascendant and it will surely resonate with your heart, bring you emotional balance, and a sense of long-term joy.

The Colors by the Signs

Here are the colors that vibrate and resonate with each sign:

  Aries: Aries is a fire sign and seeks to be energized with warm colors giving favor to vivid red hues. Red Devil #860111 will stir the passions and bring about the thrill of adventure that an Aries seeks. Light Coral #F08080 will do the trick for dropping the energy but still invigorating the sense. Finally, Aries is going to enjoy the warmth of Terracotta Red #E3735E reminiscent of light night drinks and dancing in the streets of Barcelona.

Taurus: Taurus is the blossoming of spring and as such greens and pastels are a cause of delight for this earthy sign. Taurus starts youthful and nimble, seeking to enjoy life causally and peacefully, just like the soft tone of Honeydew Green #F0FFF0. But as Taurus becomes bolder with the flowers of spring, it pops with the enjoyment of Lilac #C8A2C8. Finally, the Taurus can relax while painting the nursery with a calming and peaceful Honey Cream #FCF5C7.

Gemini: Gemini pops with the sweet notes of late spring and early summer, we do not want heavy colors for this delightfully playful air sign. Let’s start with a warm Cream Can #F4C557 adding a brightness that is not overwhelming to Gemini’s active mental life. Next, we are going to touch some ethereal Gemini Air with Diamond White #F8F4EC and then pirouette into the end of spring with a dash of Green Highland #669966.

Cancer: The watery and emotional sign of Cancer brings gentle summer rains that move into the heat of spring. We will invoke the rains and the heartfelt emotions of this sign with the mysterious notes of Caribbean Blue #00849B. Then to accentuate this sign’s relationship to the Moon let’s paint the house in Moonlight White #F1EDE2. To bring some of the abundance and wealth of the nurturing sign of Cancer use a glint of Silver Mink #7F9698 as an accent.

Leo: The Lion pronounces himself strongly as this fixed fire sign demands attention with colors that pop. To honor the pride of the Lion we can use the bold Solar Orange #F27719. Leo is ruled by the Sun and the Sun loves the richness of Golden Poppy#FCC200. Every Leo knows that Royal Purple #4B006E is an essential color to delight your kingdom, and Leos are one of the signs that can pull off such a dramatic presentation with Pride.

Virgo: The finicky Virgin is a mutable earth sign and very particular about her colors. She likes earthy tones that are easy to clean and calming to the mind like Agate Brown #96695E. Virgo of course wants the abundant harvest which is found only in Harvest Yellow #F8DE70. As Virgo is prone to worry, a soothing Moss Green #8A9A5B calms her anxious mind.

Libra: The cool nights of Fall return with Libra the Scales a balanced air sign ruled by Venus. Libra likes gentle and light colors, especially the airy Aviary Blue #C6E3E8. Ever seeking balance and peace she balances the scales with Hisui Kingfisher Green #38AD81. The Libra Venus dances in elegance with Fawn Brown #E5AA70.

Scorpio: Scorpio is a passionate water sign ruled by Mars. As a Scorpio intense colors are called for and none are more pleasing than Burgundy #800020 with its bold deep hue. Pairing nicely is Silver Lake Blue #5A86AD keeping people guessing at how mysterious Scorpio really feels. Everyone expects Black to be a Scorpio color, but Black belongs to Capricorn, instead, Scorpios remain elusive but powerful with a Deep Purple #2A1928 flair.

Sagittarius: Sagittarius is a festive fire sign and a time for feasting and holidays. A Sagittarius is certain to light up the party and light up the night with the rich tones of Indigo #4A0072. Sagittarius likes bright colors to go along with their fiery but imaginative personality which suits the vivid pop of Fairy Tale Green #B7CD51. Even the hottest of fires need to ground and come down to earth with the tasty Papaya Orange  #E56717.

Capricorn: Earthy Capricorn is a muted sign that is prone to melancholy, steadfast, stubborn, and hardworking they like the immovable Charcoal Black #36454F. This time of the year can be dark, which is why Capricorns have an affinity for Olive Grey #847A66 to drop in their martini. Finally, to cheer up the dour mood A Capricorn would pick Skeptic #A5BCAB because nothing makes a Capricorn happier than doubting someone else.

Aquarius: Aquarius is a cool frosty air sign that loves light blues like Frost Blue #BFDFED. This is highlighted with Snow White #F8F9FB. The cutting intellect of Aquarius is emotionally distant, but that does not keep them from enjoying Old Lavender #796878 as a delightful exterior house color.

Pisces: Pisces hints with the first cherry blossoms and crocuses of Spring as this water sign tends to bring hope and emotional understanding to the world. An overflowing and deep Luxury Blue #1F2B8F matches the depths of Pisces perfectly. Emerald Green #50C878 enriches the meandering imagination of the Piscean mind. To harmonize with the Crocuses popping up in vivid bloom the Piscean savors the flavor of Golden Rod #F6F0A3.

The richness of the Zodiac is reflected in the color wheel that aligns with each sign, this guide is a launching point for you to furnish, paint, or decorate your house invoking the power of your natal signs. Enjoy and prosper with the power of astrology.

If you want to learn more about your astrology and the colors associated with it you can book a reading.

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