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The suffering of nations

The Astrology of Israel being ambushed by Hamas is amazing. I understand this topic is fraught with jeopardy because of the incredible degree of political passion that is felt about the subject. After reviewing the chart of the nation of Israel and the day of the attack, I had no choice but to use it to illustrate some astrological concepts.

To be clear, my political stance is that war is horrible. Violence against innocent people, be they children, women, or men, should be unacceptable to humanity. All nations and tribes should work together to create a peaceful and harmonious earth. I personally hold no ill will towards any people or tribe of people. In my religion we are all humans deserving of love, peace, and a sustainable life with good housing, food, relationships, education, and medical care. Beyond that, I have no comment. If that upsets you for any reason, do not read any further.

Judaism is ruled by Saturn

This has been the case for millennia, and is widely acknowledged by Judaic scholars and astrologers. It is a unique and challenging yoke born by those of Jewish genetics and spiritual descent. Not being of the tribe of Judah myself, I am not in the position to comment extensively on why the Jewish people are ruled by Saturn. I will note though that the black cube is prominent in their tradition and is also a symbol of Saturn. Saturn symbolizes enduring suffering, with the key word here being enduring. What is ruled by Saturn endures. Saturn symbolically also holds the key to eternal mysteries as it is the last planet visible to the unaided human eye on earth. For further reading on the subject follow this link.

The reason I bring this up is that the Saturn station plays prominently in the chart of October 7th attack on Israel by Hamas. The Inception chart of the nation of Israel does not have Saturn as prominent as you can see. It is interesting to note that Saturn rules the 4th in the Inception chart, and the 4th is of course “the homeland.” Perhaps the most challenging aspect here is that the ruler of the 7th house, which is the open enemy is Mars and Mars forms a square to the Sun, the heralded marker of a souls life force in a chart. Does this imply that the values of Israel will always have it in an experience of open enemies challenging its right to exist?

The Agathos Daimon of a Nation

However, I would like to now propose that Saturn is extremely prominent in the chart of the Nation of Israel. It is the nature of a nation to have a Daimon. The Daimon is the spirit of the nation. That Daimon like our own Daimon is not signified by a particular point in the chart, but is the whole of the chart. A nation has a natal promise that is expressed through its natal chart. In the technique of interpretation pioneered by Robert Hand, which I follow, to know the Daimon of a chart you rotate the the chart so the Ascendant degree is the Lot of Spirit, or in other words the Part of the Daimon. When we do that with the Inception chart of Israel we find that Pluto is moved to the Ascendant and is conjunct Saturn. Saturn and Pluto then become significators of the Nation of Israel.

This powerful placement both acknowledges Saturn as the ruling planet of Israel as the home of the Jewish people and the psychological upheaval upon the world such a state creates. However, we must find this entirely appropriate for a nation founded on the holiest of lands for the Abrahamic Spiritual traditions. One that has endured not years, but millennia of conflict in the name of religion. Studying this chart is incredible. I would propose that for anyone to know the actual function of a nation in the world, you have to look at the nation from the Part of the Daimon as the Ascendant.

The Tragedy of October 7th

On October 7th when Saturn had entered its station period by degree, Hamas launched a surprise attack on Israel. The symbolism of Saturn being stationed at 0º Pisces is very strong with this event. Saturn represents Israel, Pisces represents boundary-less-ness. Saturn represents walls, at 0º Pisces the walls break down. Saturn is moving from a 1º to 0º, it is moving from something to nothing. Saturn is station here, pushing the meaning of a loss of boundaries onto the state of Israel. The Mundane chart of the founding of Israel has Mars, ruling the 7th of open enemies, at 28º Leo (this is an out of sign aspect denoting something which is not seen coming) in a 3-degree orb of the Saturn station in Pisces. The 7th house is ruled by Mars and is commonly called the place of open enemies. Saturn is also station in the terms of Venus, ruler of the 8th house of the Nation of Israel. Whatever you believe happened on that day, you must understand it was traumatic to the people of Israel and to the world that was broadcast the images of the events.

You will notice that Venus is in the 10th house in the chart. The 10th house is what is seen. The entire world saw the events of that day, and the events that resulted from that day. Jupiter is in the 8th conjunct the North Node. The Solar Eclipse of October 14th being 2º from the Ascendant of Israel’s inception chart. This particular eclipse was Saros South 7, Which Brady delineates as: a forceful breakthrough of violent energy containing the energy of Mars and Pluto. What was witnessed was a forceful breakthrough of violence from Hamas. A tearing down of a wall. This set into motion a whole chain of events. Venus ruler of the 8th is conjunct Mars ruler of the 7th, again highlighting a theme of a national Trauma through violence. Further, the Moon, which is said in traditional astrology to activate the will of the stars is conjunct the Moon of the national inception chart of Israel.

Further judgment is portrayed by the Sun in Israel’s Inception chart directing to the degree of the Moon within 1º, Pluto Directing by Solar Arc to the Ascendant degree within 1º. Then the Descendant directing to within 1º of Venus, ruler of the 8th. Thus a great misfortune befell the nation, the result of which we fully do not know yet.

Of course, these factors stacking create a judgment that something dramatic would happen during this time. What is striking from the Mundane perspective though is how the experience of the strike on Israel, and Israel’s controversial response to the strike has played out in slow motion throughout the entire Saturn Station. In Mundane astrology the Moon represents the people. It also rules the 10th of the public. The public has been bombarded with images of the slaughter of innocents, first in Israel, and then in Gaza. It is a true vision of Saturn’s grinding gears breaking down the human experience of joy as the world watches helplessly a horrific war unfold.

I pray for peace to arrive upon that land and all the people that live upon it, as soon as possible, no matter their race, creed, religion, or tribal affiliation.

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