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The Quincunx is the third of the minor aspects in our series on minor aspects. It is a measure of 150º between the two planets. The glyph for the Quincunx looks like a triangle with a line on top of it. In traditional astrology, it is the far inconjunct and represents signs that do not see one another because they are out of Ptolemaic aspect.

The Quincunx represents unseen tensions. The justification for this is the opposite is tensions that can not be reconciled, they are in essence two different views that the native will have to carry in their psyche. Or, if we were to place on our astrology external thinking cap, two different forces act in a scene vying for different outcomes. With the opposition you have Aries vying for change, and Libra vying for harmony and peace, and so it goes around the Zodiac. If Jupiter is in Aries and Saturn in Libra, for example, one force (Jupiter in Aries) is trying to blow up the situation to create innovation, the other is trying to stabilize and hold everything as it is.

The Quincunx is usually viewed as a stressful aspect, which is difficult to handle, as the cause of stress is not easily seen and therefore difficult to remedy. Some people even view these aspects with hopelessness, throwing up their hands and saying “Good luck with that frustration.” But I practice Heart Astrology, and nothing is not reconcilable within consciousness, for consciousness is the heart of who we are. This is how the Quincunx is part of the whole:

Since the Quincunx is “out of sight” of the opposition, it exists in a place where it is influencing through stress that can not be seen. I like to term this the hidden element that motivates the situation to change. It is an underlying element that is affecting the situation, but it is not seen. For example, everyone understands the sign of Virgo to be critical. Why is this? Virgo is an earth sign ruled by Mercury. If you look at the signs occupying the Quincunx position to the Virgo you will see the hidden elements of Virgo. That is Aries and Aquarius. Now Aries is an aggressive fire element, and Aquarius is a cold air element. Those two influences combine to make the hidden critical element in Virgo. Like every other revelation from chart patterns in Astrology, there is a neurotic side to the hidden Quincunx element. For Virgo the neurotic quality is a critical nervousness. Quite literally, anybody will tell you this, but they may have not been able to tell you why. Now you know. That is what criticism is with out the ego, “hey, this can be done this way and it would work better…”. The approach of heart astrology is to recognize this quality of thiw Quincunx as the energy of constructive intellectual clarity which sees potential and encourages it.

The Quincunx thus is an energy that within the natal chart shows hidden elements that help form the path of the native by pushing the expression of the native into its ultimate purpose, when approached with the intention of working on yourself.

The Following Table you can use to map this out in your chart and other peoples charts.

Table of how the hidden signs form the main sign

Astrology SignHidden Sign 1Hidden Sign 2result
AriesVirgoScorpioA critical capacity to change what is not working and transform it into something new
TaurusLibraSagittariusAn outer expression of calm peace that burns for inner knowledge
GeminiScorpioCapricornAn inquisitive dive into the depths of how things function
CancerSagittariusAquariusA passionate yet aloof capacity to hold community together
LeoCapricornPiscesA strong sense of self-worth that expresses itself with out self doubt
VirgoAquariusAriesA nervous critical energy that must express itself
LibraPiscesTaurusA relaxed state of being that trusts matters will work out if they are allowed to do so without interference
ScorpioAriesGeminiA deep energetic passion seeking the very heart of a topic
SagittariusTaurusCancerA stable urge to find emotional peace undisturbed by outer circumstances
CapricornGeminiLeoA capacity to see both sides of a topic and yet act with determined will upon judgement
AquariusCancerVirgoA deep desire to care for the world around it from the perspective of its own logic
PiscesLeoLibraA self centered approach to peace that sees the world as a balancing whole

You can play with this exercise with all signs of the Zodiac Chart.

Let’s look at an example chart:

Jim Carrey the Morphing Quincunx Master

Jim Carrey is a popular comedian and actor. He grew up in poverty and has become immensely wealthy through his acting and facial contortion abilities. His childhood was difficult and he lived homeless for a period when attending school in Ontario Canada. He has recently become known for his spiritual side as a Transcendental Meditation practitioner.

He has 3 Quincunxes in his chart. The two I would like to draw your attention to are coming off of the Moon. This also forms a YOD (finger of God aspect) which we will cover in a future newsletter. The Moon is in his 8th house in the sign of Gemini. The 8th and the 2nd house are the financial axis of the chart. The 8th rules other people’s money, the 2nd rules one’s own money. The Moon is a deep emotional need. Gemini is not a good placement for the Moon in traditional astrology, it is called Peregrine and means does not have direction.

So here is Jim born with a directionless Moon in Gemini in the 8th house. Financial concerns are very important for him. What are the hidden elements that will help drive his success? They are a Capricorn Mars, known for its ruthless determination. Jim was turned down from Saturday Night Live 3 times before he became a comedy mega-star. He did not give up, ruthlessly determined he reinvented himself and kept going for comedy roles until he was recognized. The Quincunx of a hidden talent born from frustration gave him the emotional tenacity to succeed despite others not immediately recognizing his talents.

Neptune conjunct Ascendant Quincux his Moon gishim the capacity to morph his persona in an unmistakably unique way. His method of changing how his face looked might be said to be the defining characteristic of his acting success. The epitome of Scorpio he could change his features on a dime, often in a deeply penetrating visual manner. This can also be seen as an underlying quality of his spiritual nature which he is becoming known for. Neptune conjunct the Ascendant is a prominent feature in those who find their way to non-dual meditation paths. It was the stress of this Qunicunx that initially put him in front of a mirror when he was a homeless child and started him playing with the form of his face, to cope with his parents being broke. It lead him to become a multi millionaire.

When we dive into the placement of the Moon in Gemini, there is evident the hidden talent of Scorpio Passion to get to the heart of the matter, and deep determination of the Capricorn Quincux houses, fueling the answer to his inherited financial problems and bringing him to a place of success and ultimately spiritual fulfillment through his own will. Amazing.

I encourage new and skilled astrologers to take a look at the houses termed adverse in astrology, the Quincunx houses, in the way of exhibiting another aspect of how hidden talents are found to benefit any planet that is the topic of consideration for the native. Many answers can be found here.

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