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I want to write about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce and their synastry chart. To put together the Synastry chart for a couple, I find that it is best to have at least one solid birth time. Unortunately, Travis Kelce’s birth time is not public. We have a birth time for Taylor Swift, but the challenge is we actually have two, and as far as I know, she has not confirmed either one as being true. In the biography TAY – The Taylor Swift Story (2015) by Jill Parker we have the following quote “.. at Reading Hospital in nearby West Reading .. was born the next morning at 5:17 am on the 4th floor maternity ward. It was Dec 13, twelve days before Christmas ..”(from astrodatabank) which gives her a Scorpio Rising. From a Facebook fan page we have 8:36 am which gives her a Capricorn Rising. Neither one of these are sourced so they are both suspect which allows astrologers to disagree on the subject.

Lynn Hayes did an excellent write up on why she supports the Capricorn rising sign using the Placidus house system, you can find her article here. I prefer the Scorpio rising sign using wholesign houses. As we can not have certainty, because the time of birth is not a record publicly in hand, it is important to know that we are crafting myth to fit the chart. 5:17 and 8:36 could be wrong. But here is why I believe and am Bejeweled by the 5:17 am time.

The Two Charts

I like this chart, it has a Sun in the second housewith triplicity dignity ruled by an exalted Jupiter in the 9th house. The Jupiter is going to be the next aspect to a traditional planet the Moon is going to make. This shows the Moon streaming towards Jupiter helping it fulfill its purpose in the chart through the houses it rules, the 2nd of wealth and the 5th of creative expression.

Here we also have Mars conjunct with the Ascendant. This creates an extraordinary drive in the native. Where does that drive to express itself, why the houses Mars rules, which are the 1st and the 6th houses. This is hard work and a near ruthless capacity to achieve her aims through hard work, and driving others to work hard for her.

With this birthtime we also see Mercury conjunct Neptune and Saturn in the 3rd house of writing and communicating. What is interesting is that Mercury rules her 11th and 8th houses, this gives her the gift of practically speaking to the hopes and traumas of her fans through her writing.

The South Node is in the 10th in Leo, and the North node is in the 4th in Aquarius. The South Node being ruled by the Sun and Trine the Sun from an Evolutionary astrology perspective (which I think gives a context to the Nodes that is pure genius) would indicate that she is bringing in past life karmic energy of being a gifted ruler. The North Node in Aquarius in the 4th house, impels her to grow into caring for her home, nation, and family as a community. I do think she considers swifties to be her family and thus has come to care for them greatly. This may be part of why she is adopting the political stance of woman’s soveirgnty over their own bodies and LGBQT rights as important voting issues. Pluto square the Nodes in the 1st shows that her ability to step into that roll requires discovering a deep power drive to change the world as a part of her personality.

Pluto and Mars in Scorpio in the first is quite remarkable actually, especially with Mars conjunct the Ascendant. I would note they are opposite Algol which is indicative of her ability to sever the heads of the men who scorn her through a type of lyrical revenge that is like an ice knife embedded into her deeply emotional songs. I am not sure how anyone can think that a Cap rising could be as emotionally expressive as she is with her lyrics.

To be fair, if we go with Cap rising what do we find though. We find the Mercury Neptune Saturn stellium is conjunct her Ascendant giving her a power of speech and a certainty of that speech. Saturn is ruling the 1st and second and this would for certain give her a drive to make money. But, with this chart the North Node in the second would make that something she would have to come into, not a natural effect she was born into. For me that makes it less compelling considering how incredibly wealthy she is at the young age of 35 and her early financial success.

Venus in the 2nd also brings money and good fortune, but this Venus is not as strong as the Sun is for a second house placement in the 5:17 am chart, it has only dignity by Face, and reception through triplicity rulership with a Saturn that is not beholding it. I do not find this a compelling chart for super elite money making, especially with Saturn conjunct Neptune.

I do however acknowledge that Venus is ruling her 5th house and her 10th house, which does indicate wealth from creative fame. The reason this chart does not work for me deep down is all 12th house Suns I have ever met are private people, and Taylor Swift seems very comfortable being a public girl. That being said the Moon and Jupiter in the 7th (the house of relationship) being opposite her Ascendant and Mercury would make her very vocal and communicative about her relationships, which she is.

The title of her album “Red” and her affinity for the color red really cements it for me. A capricorn rising would be far more likely to title her album “Black” and be a fan of the Ravens or Raiders. Let us be honest about that.

The Solar Arc Directions

I find the evidence more compelling for the Scorpio rising chart, as I said, but there are reasons one could go for the Capricorn Rising chart. I do not find them as consistent in defining her success. Success though is a matter of time, so what we will now do is look at the Solar Arc directions for both charts and see which one is more compelling.

In the Capricorn Rising Chart, the Sun would conjunct her Ascendant at 17 years old. This would denote a strong 8th house experience rising experience at that age. At this time 2006 she released her self titled debut album and her first single. This is really compelling for a Solar Arc Directed son.

If we look at the Scorpio rising chart for the age of 17 we find Jupiter by Solar Arc direction trines the Ascendant. Remember that Jupiter rules the 2nd house in the Scorpio rising chart. This is also very compelling, but with Jupiter ruling telling the story of money from creativity in the Scorpio rising chart, I find this more compelling. Scorpio Rising chart, You Belong to Me.

In 2010 she wins four Grammies which without a doubt cements her as one of her generation’s top pop icons. What happens during that year well from the Solar Arc directions her Nodes conjunct her MC! In the Scorpio rising chart that happens in the 11th house of peer recognition and honors! I kid you not. But maybe there is something happening in the Capricorn rising chart at that time we should take a look at. Sorry, not so much. Neptune does conjunct her Venus in the second, but that should create disillusionment or financial loss, this is not compelling.

In 2014 she wins a Grammy for album of the year for “1989”. In both charts Solar Arc Directed Mars conjuncts her Sun. In the Capricorn rising chart it is in the WSH 12th house, which indicates hidden enemies, and Mars rules her 4th and 11th house which again would indicate peer recognition. In the Scorpio rising chart this happens in her 2nd house of money and values and rules her 10th house of fame, her 6th house of Hard work, and her 1st house. I find both narratives fit, but do like the idea that she again receives fame and tons of money for her hard work. That would be the Scorpio rising narrative.

Finally this year, she seems to have found a very public love and political fame or infamy depending on which side of the fascist/democratic aisle you are sitting on. We find Saturn directing to the North Node. In the Scorpio rising chart this is in the 4th house and means owning her values (Saturn is in the 3rd and the Sun is in the 2nd house both of which speak to personal values and how you communicate them) house and how she feels about her country and communicating about them. (quick tip for astrologers reading this, the nodes feed back to the planet that rules them, thus the houses those planets rule too). The 4th house also indicates cultural and family values which I believe we can all agree she is experiencing as a topic of life this year. The Scorpio rising chart would indicate this brings up 1st and 2nd house topics, which speak to similar issues, but with less of an emphasis on cultural and family values being part of the mix and more of an emphasis on financial concerns. It would be more compelling if this Solar Arc direction occurred 2 years ago, when she started her Eras project to regain owner ship of her songs.

The Progressed Chart

I am now solid in the Scorpio Rising chart. This poses a big problem for her now vocal enemies, as a Scorpio rising is a terrible thing to have pissed off at you. I mean, did you witness what happened to Kanye West after he dissed Taylor Swift? He has fallen into Madness. Remember that she has Caput Algol, the notorious head of Medusa opposed her Ascendant and Mars in her Scorpio rising chart. Things do not end well for her enemies. But, just to walk a little bit more down the rabbit hole, let us compare the two charts against this years progressed chart. In the Cap rising chart the Moon is just entering the 10th house of fame. In the Scorpio rising chart her Progressed Moon is entering the 12th house of hidden enemies. The progressed Moon will wander through each house for roughly two and a half years. I think the narrative in my mind is that she is currently in a 12th house experience, as MAGA is actively trying to under mine her at all times now.

The profected years

In the Scorpio chart, she is in an 11th house profected year with Mercury being her profection Lord. This would have her moving through experiences of other peoples values and traumas and community relationships as a strong marker for her chart. This interests me, because right around Christmas time when that Profection Lord became active I started noticing news articles about how she gives food to food banks and donates money to truckers as part of her public service. If Mercury is her Profected Time Lord for the year, I would then expect to hear about miscommunications and deep fakes to be a strong effect in her chart, especially when Mercury is Retrograde.

In the Capricorn chart she is in a Mars profected chart, highlightiing home and family as well as the community and social relations. If she is a cap rising we can expect significant disruptions to her life and family experience as Uranus opposes her Natal Mars. This will be a monstrous transit anyways as Uranus/Mars transits are very disruptive, but with her Profected Time Lord being Mars for the year it would be double so.


She is a Scorpio rising in my opinion.

The Transits and some bold predictions.

In terms of transits, the big one for Taylor Swift this year is Uranus Mars opposition. If we are to take the Scorpio Rising Chart that would show a big impact in one or more of the following areas of her life:

  1. Her personality and a significant change to it.
  2. There is a possible pregnancy announced in July or October. as Mars is the trip lord ruling pregnancy in her chart. These two make me wonder if Is she about to become a mother?
  3. Journeys to foreign lands. Look, she does this all the time, so I am not putting much into this one.
  4. A troubling or unexpected event or news about Austin Swift
  5. Joining or becoming very proactive in the US democracy movement
  6. Having her success or reputation strongly challenged in a disruptive way.

For the Capricorn rising chart I will look for the following:

  1. A major change in personality, this time coming from social pressures rather than creative pressures.
  2. Further honors and rewards of recognition
  3. A spiritual or religious transformation or revelation based on experiences she is having this year.
  4. Siblings plays here to, but it would be with an older brother (Jason Kelce?)
  5. Breaking up and then getting back together with Travis Kelce
  6. Pronouncing herself a person of faith.

Lets watch and see what happens. Will these events occurring around the last week of July or the first week of October bring clarity to which chart is better. I think so! I hope you have enjoyed this little work on looking at her chart from two different perspectives. I highly encourage you to read Lynn Hayes blog post for how Placidus houses effect the analysis. The marvelous gift of astrology is how it allows us to look at the story of a persons life and gain insights, no matter which house system we are using, and even so with untimed charts. This is not in my opinoin a matter of one being better than the other when it comes to house systems and techniques, it is a matter of what you learned in your study of astrology and how successfully you can apply it.

If you would like me to do a reading for you, my books are open. We can even go into more detail because you probably know your birth time, and we could have a wonderful conversation on the matter.


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