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The Jupiter Return Chart

and how to read it. The Jupiter return occurs roughly every 12 years. It is a chart, like the solar return that can give insight into how the native is going to experience the cycle of which it partakes. What kind of experience does it describe? Based upon its interaction with the natal chart it […]

Jupiter and Thanksgiving

Jupiter and Thanksgiving are related. I like to contemplate this whenever the Sun moves into Sagittarius which is ruled by Jupiter. It reminds me of how western tropical astrology is seasonal, with a relationship to the Northern Hemispheres seasons. Not just in the sense that Sagittarius takes place during a time of the year when […]

Thoughts on the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter.

And thoughts on the sidereal vs tropical zodiac. The impact of conjunctions in Mundane and Personal astrology. I was asked the other day, and it seems to be on people’s minds these days, “what are conjunctions and what do they do?” I think it is on people’s minds because the great conjunction between Saturn and […]

Big, Hot, and Angry.

Mars, the God of War, is joining with Jupiter, the God of Expansion. Where are they doing this, in the land of retrograde Mercury’s Virgo. Hot, big, violent Jupiter Mars, Trine seething and dark Pluto at 12 degrees Capricorn. Launch the war planes and start the bombing Mars, says, impatient and testy, wanting his way […]

Volkswagen, Your time has come.

Volkswagen, you deceptive tool of a car company, poisoning the atmosphere, killing humans with your gas, your charade has come to an end. It is interesting to me, how this fits together astrologically. I mean really, it makes perfect sense based on the motion of the stars and planets right now. Come with me on […]

Thursday, Thors day, and the gods were once planets.

The Planets were inseparable from the Gods for most of human history. We have come so far in our modern edge and scientific mindset that we the educated west tend to completely dismiss as superstition the ways that our ancestors thought. Every new generation thinks it is the smartest, best, and most intelligent generation that […]

Don’t Panic, its only Mercury Retrograde again.

It turns out that Mercury is going retrograde again, as it does two to three times a year. Now as you undoubtedly know if you have found your way to these words, Mercury Retrograde is time of confusion, mayhem, and chaos in the areas ruled by Mercury. As a quick recap this is travel, mercantilism, […]

DeepWater Horizon is deep Pluto Capricorn symbolism.

On earth day a small tragedy occurred in the Gulf of Mexico. Deepwater Horizon exploded from a gas and oil blow back, killing 11 men. The accident was a furious response from the planetary gods to an amazing act of Man’s hubris. The full effects of this tragedy are becoming apparent in just the last […]