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god of war

Mars, the God of War, is joining with Jupiter, the God of Expansion. Where are they doing this, in the land of retrograde Mercury’s Virgo.

Hot, big, violent Jupiter Mars, Trine seething and dark Pluto at 12 degrees Capricorn. Launch the war planes and start the bombing Mars, says, impatient and testy, wanting his way at all costs. But Wait, Putin just did that. Mars must be dancing in his head during this conjunction. The war will expand when Mars and Jupiter dance with Pluto, and it just did. Now we have American and European planes bombing Assad’s Syrian forces, Isis Forces, and Al Qeada forces in Syria, we have Turkish fighters bombing ISIS and Kurd forces, and we have Russian jets bombing U.S. backed separatists as well as ISIS and Al Qeada forces. All of this in a little country called Syria. Does it sound like a powder keg to you? Does it sound like the kind of situation you want an expansive god of war dancing through over the next week. Do you want him doing that while Mercury, ruling communication is all fucked up and backwards, not sure what is going on, and not able to say it clearly, or saying it clearly and not having it understood clearly.

All of this coming after a blood moon eclipse in Aries. Aries is ruled by Mars, the eclipse was strong in the U.S. Sounds like an out of control Mars letting out blood. Which is what just happened when a shooter went and did target practice on a bunch of innocent people at the Umpqua Community College in Oregon today. The official death count is 13, the 251st mass shooting incident since Sandy Hook. There has been a shooting incident every week since Obama’s second presidential term started. But let us not speak of gun control while Mars and Jupiter are conjunct and Trine Pluto.

Instead let me urge you, my dear reader, and good friend, to be careful out there. Lay low and do not get yourself into any hot headed situations this weekend. The Gas is pouring out the stove and people are lighting matches like crazy. I suggest you start offering people iced tea and time in the Jacuzzi for the next two weeks. Pray, sing, meditate, chant, watch sports, eat good food, and share all of that with others, do whatever you can, to cool down this powder keg of a transit before anything else blows up.

Om Mani Padme Hum.

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