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feast by photo by Gor Davtyan

Jupiter and Thanksgiving are related. I like to contemplate this whenever the Sun moves into Sagittarius which is ruled by Jupiter. It reminds me of how western tropical astrology is seasonal, with a relationship to the Northern Hemispheres seasons. Not just in the sense that Sagittarius takes place during a time of the year when the nights are going to culminate in their longest hours. But also thinking about how we as humans have a natural response to that of feasting.

These feasts are the abundant harvests that came from the previous Summer. They consist then of food, friends, and family and are meant to bring joy during the dark nights. Often though we find that our families are not joyous. Old grievances come up during this time of year, as if they to were harvests of what we have sown into the soil in the past. Thus it is for no small reason that Thanksgiving is also a trope of a family feud meal.

But must it be so? Jupiter’s principle is to expand, and it will expand joy or grief, aggression or passion, joy or sorrow when it pushes against those emotions wandering around in tinker robots like your mind. What we as people who have a say in how we think and act, get to do is direct that energy through our own efforts. Do you want Jupiter to be about joy and possibilities that are fulfilling, then visualize it, speak it into existence, and make it so!

I know we all have our own belief systems and definitions of what that means for us. But I would like to suggest that we can all take this time of Thanksgiving, and make it about what is positive, which is we have people in our lives who are worth appreciating. We have everything to be thankful for because we are alive, and breathing, and can make the best of our lives if we just choose to look at the positive and act for the good. This is the principle of Jupiter, which I personally would like to recommend as a practice. The one associated with Virtue.

Thanksgiving is a celebration of the virtue of being thankful and the potential of abundance and hope. Both of which are positive expressions of Jupiter. Since holidays are traditional feast days, rewriting them into contemplations we can all use to have more joy in our life, I think is a good idea.

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