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The Jupiter return occurs roughly every 12 years. It is a chart, like the solar return that can give insight into how the native is going to experience the cycle of which it partakes. What kind of experience does it describe? Based upon its interaction with the natal chart it describes how the native will expand through philosophy, belief, and changing experience over the duration of the return. It shows all kinds of ways that a native will be pushed out of their habits and their experiences and routines expanded. This is the principle of Jupiter.

An essential part of being a human and a soul is to continuously grow and evolve. We are here experiencing the totality of being from a small part of its consciousness, our part. What we call ourselves is made of a mind, a body, and our experiences, or as we say in Buddhism, “aggregates”, we are always changing. The motions of the wheel of the Stars, ever grinding forward, propels our souls into experience. Jupiter’s task is to propel us into greater circles of experience opening us up to understanding the nature of the world we live in.

While the Moon and Mercury are instrumental in transforming our habits, it is the malefics that define our boundaries, and the experiences that we push up against and polish the stone of our being. It is the benefits that encourage us out of what we have grown comfortable with. Venus by attraction, and Jupiter by expansion entice us to become more than what we have been.

Jupiter’s return then is a calling to come out of a shell we have been in and move into something greater than what we thought possible. This transit is usually a thrilling experience as we feel we are being thrust into new possibilities, but it can also be a scary experience if we have grown comfortable in our path. This is especially so for those who are strong in earth sign placements.

King Charles the III

As a practical example delineation I have here the chart for Prince Charles, King Charles the III. This is his Jupiter Return from 2019, during this cycle he will become King of England, which is a big deal. The King or Queen of England is a huge honorific title, even if the title no longer wields military power per se. It does wield religious power as they become the head of the Church of England, and also they become the id for huge number of people who identify with the British Monarchy as having a symbolic purpose. Plus, there is a lot of money involved, all of which is managed by the “Firm”.  

A note, following the example that Wade Caves taught at NORWAC 2023, I am not putting the natal chart on the outside of the wheel, showing how the return moves the natal chart into an experience. Wade used solar returns in his lecture, and if you are interested in Astrology and planetary returns, it is a great one to watch.

Here we find that in his Jupiter Return Prince Charles Sun and Mercury as well as South Node are moved into the first house. Here we find the Planet of the King, the Sun in the first house, We find the South Node, showing what we are given from our heritage and past, and the Mercury, becoming the voice of these things. It is interesting that they are in Scorpio, showing perhaps a transformation of the institution of the Monarch during this time. Already as King he is making waves by being proactive with his environmental political stance, but also is under assault for the incredible tension between him, the royals, and Prince Harry and Meghan. Thus we can see that part of his Jupiter path is to have these hidden matters exposed and transformed in a Scorpionic way. Look, Mars in the Jupiter return, there is no hiding King Charles the III, your going to have to tackle these problems, your going to have to expand out of your comfort zone.

In the return, Jupiter is in the 2nd house. That is what is his. He becomes King, Jupiter is in Sagittarius, it is powerful, and owns everything. The return then is expanding massively the belonging of Prince Charles. He is freed of the structures that gave him a portion of the wealth of the royal family and now he is fully sovereign. But look, this Jupiter in Sagittarius rules the fifth of children. King Charles has to move out of his comfort zone with his children and family. His son forces that on him. His son expands the definition of how a child is to behave. As part of this Jupiter cycle, King Charles is going to have to expand how he relates to his children to accommodate their different values and belief systems.

Next we the Moon in the 7th in the natal chart conjunct Uranus in the Jupiter return chart. This places Camilla and Diana as important lessons over this Jupiter Return. It also signifies the death of his Mother transforms his life. Further testimony about the nature of how his subconscious experience is dominated by the ghost of his previous wife and the ongoing relationship with his longtime girlfriend, mistress, and wife, Queen Camilla is that Venus and Neptune are moved to the 12th. Not only does the ghost of Princess Diana become a cause of his hidden and public enemies, but we can also assume that part of the drama in his living and current family is his close relationship with Queen Camilla and the way she has his ear, perhaps not always giving him the best advice.

I mean, if you have mommy issues, do you not project those issues onto your wife? He sure does. Ideally, Jupiter’s return would have him discovering how to find balance in his relationship with Camilla through fairness and openness, qualities of Libra, but being in the 12th it is hard to see that happening. Working on the 12th without creating upheaval in your life is a challenge for even the most illumined.

One final point to note is that in this Jupiter return, Leo is moved to the MC, and yes, he became King.

That is the Jupiter Return

This example was very brief, but I hope it gives you the inspiration to look deeper into your own Jupiter return. I encourage you to examine your own Jupiter Return chart as a tool of reflection. Also, combine it with other techniques to see how you are being expanded and moved out of the boundaries you have found your life in. If you want to have a consultation to reflect on your Jupiter return, click here for a reading.

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