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The Planets were inseparable from the Gods for most of human history. We have come so far in our modern edge and scientific mindset that we the educated west tend to completely dismiss as superstition the ways that our ancestors thought. Every new generation thinks it is the smartest, best, and most intelligent generation that has lived. But are we more intelligent then our forefathers, our customs and technology are different, but are we better as humans, are we more or less connected to the universe we live in? We used to have a rich mythology that we as man new our place in, now we have a vast cosmos which never ends extending in all directions with planets. Humanity and the earth it lives on are no longer places where we have cosmic meaning. Modern Science has brought us into a vast cosmological soup of nihilism where we are but a function of a universe that carries on with or without us.

When one considers such a thing, the rise of fundamentalism is seen as having a function. For fundamentalism offers faith to its followers, faith that they are part of something, that they have a place in the universe. This appeals to people on a deep emotional level, a level that goes deeper than the intellect and what it knows. This principle of Faith can be found in Jupiter. Jupiter as an old god, a planet who would circle the Zodiac every twelve years from our perspective on earth is giving the meaning of faith, spiritual joy, good fortune. For this reason it is considered the greater benefic in astrology.

We all need the principle of the Greater Benefic in our lives. A belief that everything is going to work out well, for the better, and if we have hope, and strive hard, and do good, then things will work out well for us. I have found often times that those who do not have well aspected Jupiters in their charts struggle with faith. Not the kind of faith that is religious necessarily, but an even more basic faith that things will work out. This is the kind of faith that gives hope during difficulties and saves us from Nihilism.

Look at where Jupiter is in your chart, that is the place in your life where you are lifted out of depression and given a higher purpose in life. Therefore it is a place where you know you can go to for comfort when you are faced with challenges.

May Jupiter be kind to you and serve you well,
Written on a Thursday, the day that belongs to Jupiter.

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