Letting go of old thought patterns: Aquarius Lunar Eclipse August 2017

The beautiful moon

The Eclipse Happy lunar eclipse day. We are in a very exciting eclipse season here in America. It is the first great solar eclipse where the eclipse will traverse the entire continent, since June 1918. It is also the first full solar eclipse in America since 1979. Eclipses have always held a kind of mystic […]

The Truth Solar Eclipse 9/1/2016

This Solar eclipse is Saros North 19. When this series started Neptune was conjunct the South node. Venus opposed Jupiter and both were squared by Saturn. Bernadette Brady in Predictive astrology defined it as having the meaning of “coming down to earth, having a sense of realism.” Neptune is illusion and dream and the South […]

Solar Eclipse at 25 degrees Capricorn

The post modern western take on an eclipse is that they have very certain effects. These effects depend on when the first eclipse occurred during what is called the [wikipop]Saros cycle[/wikipop] for any given eclipse. At that time the dominate planetary event occurring during the eclipse is taken to be the main theme of the […]