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ECLIPSE-By-Dario-InfiniThis Solar eclipse is Saros North 19. When this series started Neptune was conjunct the South node. Venus opposed Jupiter and both were squared by Saturn. Bernadette Brady in Predictive astrology defined it as having the meaning of “coming down to earth, having a sense of realism.” Neptune is illusion and dream and the South Node diminishes what it touches. Likewise Jupiter and Venus are about pleasure and enjoyment, but Saturn, squaring them both brings a sense of realism.

Once again we have many of the same actors in play for this eclipse. We have Neptune conjunct the South Node, we have Saturn squaring Neptune. We have the eclipse opposing Neptune, and squaring Saturn. We also have a retrograde Mercury conjunct Jupiter. Well that is a lot, lets unpack it.
As we said Neptune conjunct the South Node creates a sense of realism, it reduces the illusion. Likewise Saturn will do the same here. The eclipse itself is in Virgo. Virgo opposed to the dream time of Pisces is also a seeker of what is real. In this eclipse we find our illusions shattered and our dreams fade away as we come recognize the real truth. In particular this effect strikes a chart if it has any planets or points between 9 and 11 degrees in a mutable sign.

I would expect when the moon or a planet aspects the 10 degree virgo placement over the next six months that in the world news and events we will see revelations of truth. The course of this will be to bring realism so new dreams can be built. We can use these events to course correct. Our dreams serve as spirit guide, but that guide needs to be integrated into reality, so that our earth can be changed within its due course as is appropriate of the nature of the times. Our lives can course correct when we recognize the difference between our dreams and what is possible. This correction is not about changing others, but changing ourselves to be in harmony with the situation as it really is.

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