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The Eclipse

Happy lunar eclipse day. We are in a very exciting eclipse season here in America. It is the first great solar eclipse where the eclipse will traverse the entire continent, since June 1918. It is also the first full solar eclipse in America since 1979. Eclipses have always held a kind of mystic awe for humanity. Even in our materialistic age, where the subtle effects of astrological phenomena are doubted by the high science priests of our time, people still pour out in droves to behold the magic of the Sun or Moon disappearing. Without a doubt strange occurrences do occur too.

How to use it

But what does this eclipse mean for you. This lunar eclipse is Saros 1 north and it is about stressful group dynamics. Lunar eclipses seem to have an aspect of letting go of emotional patters. The eclipse is in Aquarius, so we can say that it is about letting go of old emotional thought habits tied to groups that one has been part of. This can be associated with peers, family, friends, or others that have informed the way you think and rationalize the world.

You will be visited by old images or emotions that you can work through now in a positive way, and understand how they effected you what stories you need to release now. Pay particular attention to symbols of synchronicity that arise today which will give you direction. This is a positive evolutionary psychology spin on the current eclipse cycle.

For me today, an old class mate posted a photo of my fifth grade class on Facebook. Thus I am looking at old childhood definitions of self that I should release. When we release childhood definitions of self, we are releasing not the splendor and awe of always being amazed at the divine nature of this world we inhabit. We should hold on to that mythic symbolism that made life rich and full of wonder. We instead are releasing the voices of insecurity that a child feels when facing the adult world.

How to predict your life events with it

On a predictive level, you should look at what house the lunar eclipse is falling into, and the solar eclipse that will come shall fall into. Those two houses are set to be areas of dynamic transformation during the eclipse cycles that fall into Aquarius and Leo over the next two years. You should also look to see if any planets will be aspected within a few degrees of the eclipse, or if the eclipse point, the degree where the eclipse occurs, helps connect two planets.

Chris Pratt’s chart is sensitive to this lunar eclipse

alas the eclipse dinosaur ate the marriage

As an example Chris Pratt announced he is separating today from his beloved girlfriend Anna Faris. They had an ironic humorous public relationship that seemed to be full of respect and joy. Chris Pratt’s 7th house (the place of marriage) is ruled by Venus. The Moon conjuncted his IC in the fourth (his family and home identity) and hit the midpoint between Pluto (destruction or well if we are going to be more positive transformation)  and Venus (we said marriage, lets also say beautiful woman and lover). So we can see how it fits right?

Chris Pratt had to let go of group experience of being a couple that was experiencing stress because of power dynamics between him and his beautiful girlfriend. The eclipse cycle falls between his 4th and 10th house, so we can assume the story has to do with tensions created between his work and home life. Ah poor Chris, seems like such a nice guy. It is hard to be a Hollywood Star.

I am sure it will all be for the better as eclipses are meant to be transformations that allow for the new to come into being. That is, along as we hold right attitude.


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