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In astrology, the moon is associated with emotions, intuition, and subconscious patterns, while Scorpio is considered a sign associated with transformation, intensity, and depth. When a lunar eclipse occurs in Scorpio one can view it as a powerful time for emotional healing and transformation. This is because Scorpio rules our deep inner emotions and the transformation of them into wisdom. Ideally, we work with eclipses in a way that helps us move through blockages where we are stuck psychologically, allowing us to transform into an experience of feeling fulfilled over the course of our life.

You can use the energy of the lunar eclipse to confront and release deep-seated emotional issues, particularly related to trust, intimacy, and control. This may involve facing fears, acknowledging buried emotions, and letting go of unhealthy patterns that no longer serve a person’s growth and evolution. This does not require interacting with other people, rather it is more of a process of going within, and through breathwork, visualization, and conscious dialogue, coming to our own experience of resolution. It is practically impossible to get a resolution from another person, as they are their own emotions, challenges and traumas. If we are to find healing, it is going to be from within ourselves, and an eclipse provides an opportunity to engage in this process.

In addition, the energy of Scorpio is often associated with regeneration and renewal. After the process of diving deep within our psyche by spending time with our darkness this lunar eclipse can help individuals shed old skin, release emotional baggage, and move forward with greater clarity, authenticity, and resilience.

Eclipses bring about insight and change. They cause us to reflect on who we are and what our role is in the world. Often times this comes from watching how we interact with the world, those we love, and those we randomly encounter. The amount of emotional energy we give to the other is emotional energy we do not have for our creative soul development. Ideally, we are all creators generating a fulfilling world for ourselves and those around us.

The result is two weeks to a month where we experience dramatic transformation in our lives or how we think about our lives. Seemingly random events come out of nowhere and strike us with impactful force. Even if the eclipses does not hit your chart points directly, any transit that occurs during an eclipse cycle can be felt more forcefully.  This eclipse cycle is particularly forceful, because of the transits occurring during it, this week it is connected with Venus squaring Neptune, Mercury Retrograde, and Jupiter Conjuncting the solar eclipse point.

This eclipse in the context of the Saros Cycle

The solar eclipse two weeks ago occurred at 29º Aries. When the Lunar Eclipse occurs at 14º Scorpio on the 5th of May, Jupiter will be applying with in a two degree orb the solar eclipse point activating it. As well, Venus will have just squared Neptune. The result is there will be an expansion of the themes of the solar eclipse in our charts, which was invisible power dynamics coming to consciousness. This will be mixed with a dream like quality of creative mental ideas that can lead us into delusionary ways of thinking. On the other hand, you may gain insight into creative problem solving that is very helpful in moving you into a greater experience of fulfillment.

The Lunar eclipse itself is Saros cycle 141 or 7 north. This has the nature of  Mercury = Moon/ Venus, Jupiter at the midpoint of Sun/Mercury and the Moon at the Midpoint of Sun/Pluto

Mercury at the Moon Venus midpoint in the original Saros eclipse at 15º Scorpio gave it an imprint of coming to understand what motivates our pleasure and emotions and bonds them together. Jupiter at the Sun Mercury midpoint helps us clarify what it is that we find value in manifesting in the world and gives us insight on how to do that. Moon at the Midpoint of Sun and Pluto pushes us into evaluating what we fixate on, and how that leads us to our experience of self. All of these experiences can come through this particular eclipse.

The result harmonizes with the Venus Neptune square and Jupiter applying to the solar eclipse. The theme thus becomes thoughts about pleasure, love, erotic thoughts, novel and inspiring ideas, optimism and the urge to enlarge one’s world. There can be however obsession with worrying about one’s own personal power in the world. With this we must also consider this series of eclipses has taken place on the relationship access of Taurus Scorpio. A key point then is coming to understand better how you view relationships.

These themes are likely to be seen playing out from now and over the next six months within the houses ruled by Taurus and Scorpio in your chart.

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