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The post modern western take on an eclipse is that they have very certain effects. These effects depend on when the first eclipse occurred during what is called the [wikipop]Saros cycle[/wikipop] for any given eclipse. At that time the dominate planetary event occurring during the eclipse is taken to be the main theme of the eclipse for its entire Saros cycle. Saros cycles last for 100’s of years. The effect of a given eclipse is said to be 1 year for every hour of the eclipse. The place effected is one of two…The first is where the eclipse path lay, that is where the eclipse is visible from the earth. The second is places where the eclipse point is significant in a chart of a town, city, or country. For instance the current eclipse hit significant points in Haiti and in Eureka California.

Next factor in the element the eclipse is occurring in. Last winter the eclipse occurred in an air sign, we had a flu outbreak. Last summer the eclipse occurred in a water sign, Asia had huge floods. This winter the eclipse occurred in an earth sign, we have had two major earthquakes within the eclipse week.

The third consideration is how the eclipse affects a person’s natal chart. For instance, this eclipse is occurring at 25* Capricorn. Anyone with a significant chart pressure point is going to feel the effects of this eclipse strongly in their personal life. For instance, President Barak Obama has Saturn at 25* Capricorn. So his Saturn, and what it means for his chart, is going to be strongly affected by the eclipse. For this reason many people are worried about President Obama’s safety this coming year, but they are missing out on a few important details. One is, his Saturn is very dignified, so it tends to act well in his chart, rather than in a more malefic way. The second is the meaning of this eclipse cycle is generally positive. This eclipse is 12 N in the Saros cycle, the meaning is “opportunities to accept greater responsibilities come suddenly into one’s life. Although the events which lead to these opportunities are difficult, they tend to create greater harmony and self esteem in the end” In this case we can already see that Barack Obama has been given an opportunity to show how a good president, or ruler, relates to a natural disaster. His rising to the occasion of the Haiti earthquake, I expect will have a good effect on how Americans view him.

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