Sports Astrology

Game 6 Warriors vs Celtics Basketball world championship 2022 A dear acquaintance on twitter encouraged me to look at the astrology for the Basketball World Championships. I am going to employ Bonatti’s method of judging victory in battle for this analysis of who will win game 6. I have had mixed luck using this method. […]

Astrology Elections and an NFT Talisman

In Western Esotericism we have understood the world to be one where the One creates forms through the principle of generation. This would be akin to the above. when we work with the below, that would be us, humans, our minds, we also create forms through the principle of generation. By necessity of the generation […]

Consulting the I Ching: Yin and Yang

Consulting the I Ching has a challenge when initially approaching it. It provides too much information and can be overwhelming. To study the I Ching, start simple. The method I am sharing with you is simple yet can extend into complexity. It doesn’t not rely on books, although I still use the classic Chou I, […]

Introduction to I Ching Divination

Emperor Fu Hsi

Approaching the I Ching as a form of divination. The I ching is a profound form of divination, in that it allows one to have direct access to the book of nature. This is one reason why it has had such incredible endurance and adoptability throughout time and cultures. When I speak of the book […]

What does Mars in Capricorn mean

Mars entered Capricorn in the tropical zodiac today and will be there until March 5th 2022. This post is general to Mars in Capricorn and how to use it in your chart. So in future Mars in Capricorn transits, which happen about every two and a half years you can still use it. Mars is […]

Song of Hekate

Hermes said, while carrying a message from the Logos to the Shadow, “beware the bitter medicine, for you will swallow as much as you can not heal, through your own efforts.” Hekate, the Goddess of the trimorphic power of the moon.Hekate, What are those powers? Emptiness, fullness, and the ability to go between. Hekate Ggoddess […]