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Mars in Gemini

Tonight, the red warrior planet Mars moved into tropical Gemini. Mars will stay there until April 23rd. I would like you to be prepared for what he brings there. I am going to go through what the implications will be for people who know their Ascendant. This will be done…

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The Buccaneers vs. The Chiefs.

Who will win, the Buccaneers or the Chiefs? This is my prediction using astrological technique. I will be using a technique based on the commencement of the time of the game. The location is beautiful Tampa Bay on the west coast of Florida. Here the grand master quarterback of the…

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Thoughts on the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter.

And thoughts on the sidereal vs tropical zodiac. The impact of conjunctions in Mundane and Personal astrology. I was asked the other day, and it seems to be on people’s minds these days, “what are conjunctions and what do they do?” I think it is on people’s minds because the…

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